Adventures in Iceland Drone Video

User submitted post by: Jason Lee

Ground and aerial videography featuring Iceland’s stunning and volatile beauty, starring waterfalls, steam vents, and mountains. Filmed over nine days of exploring the entire Ring Road, including the Snaefellsnes Peninsula and Kirkjufell; famous waterfalls Goðafoss and Dettifoss; Mývatn; Hverir; Seyðisfjörður; Fjadrarglufur; and Þingvallavatn.

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Gerês National Park Drone Video

User submitted post by: Nuno Barreto

I’m experimenting with mixing aerial footage from my DJI Phantom 3 Standard and my other cameras (GoPro and a Canon DSLR).

I’ve also been wanting to include more people in my shots and this is my first experiment doing so. Let me know what you think, open to constructive comments !

This was shot in Geres National Park in the north of Portugal.

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Inspire Pro with X5: SUP and Otters Drone Video

User submitted post by Sky Pirate Drones: Testing out the Inspire Pro with Olympus 45mm on the X5. It’s a bit tricky to get stable shots with such a zoom using single shooter. With some practice, one could use this solo to get certain telephoto shots. Fast tracking or high speed shots will definitely need a 2nd person on camera. We were able to spy on some pretty cool otters rolling around in the water. With a telephoto were able to stay high above without disturbing them.

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Parrot Swing Flight with Stunts Drone Video

User submitted post by: Chris Morley

Relatively calm day – just a slight breeze from the right to the left of the screen. Got a full and fun flight with the Parrot Swing and the Parrot Flypad. What a fun little drone. It functions as a traditional quadcopter and then has a plane mode where you can do loops, rolls, and cut-backs. I only crashed once, but you’ll see three different angles in the film. Drone footage starts a couple of minutes in. I definitely would put this on a list of drones for kids, but it can really get up and go, so an older kid would probably be more appropriate.

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