Drone Footage of Golden Gate Bridge – WATCH!

Have you ever experienced the panoramic beauty of a Bay? Here, the drone captured the mesmerizing beauty of the Bay where the waters flow under the bridge creating a majestic view. The beautiful drone footage of golden gate bridge in San Francisco would leave you speechless when you would see the crystal clear blue waves touching the beach. The rocks in the mid of the sea also create a different look that would touch deep inside your soul. You can feel the serenity that’s creating the ultimate heart-touching sight. Besides, over the bridge you can experience the busy street with the cars moving on with an intention to reach the destination. Different colors of the vehicles enhance the overall glamor of the bridge lying on the arms of the blue sea.

This drone footage of Golden Gate bridge is captured by Brendam Lim and he’s the one showing how man-made wonders can get unified with the natural beauty.

Drone Footage of Golden Gate Bridge

The shape of the bridge is also a thing to consider revealing the skills of the engineers who built it. It comes up with a great design that even more enhances the beauty of the place. The bridge carries an advanced technology that makes it durable providing safety to users. This bridge stands as the one of the wonders established by humans revealing their ultimate efficiency.

Insane footage of beautiful Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco. You don't see these views everyday. Thanks Brendan Lim!

You can also find the water transports moving over the clear waters that come out as the essential part of nature bringing in the soothing outlook. Once, a vehicle passed away it leaves the white waves that create a magical view leaving you in wonders. The islands also feature nice views along with the small houses that give rise to a dream town created by God himself. The lush green surroundings give fresh breathe and you can feel that calmness inside yourself making you refreshed.


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