Keep Lake Tahoe…Green? Must Watch

Fun weekend up in Truckee and Lake Tahoe. I picked up the PolarPro 3-pack (polarizing lens, ND4 and ND8 filters) and used the polarizer – incredible with the water! Highly recommended.

I've traveled up to Lake Tahoe< and handful of times (I live in San Francisco) but this is the first time I've been able to get up there with a DJI Phantom drone. It was awesome. The water was warm enough to swim in (see video) AND people were cruising their boats all over the place. This was shot in September when there were less crowds but also just an amazing vibe.

If you are thinking about buying a drone for Christmas, I highly recommend the Phantom 3 Professional! Go for the 4K camera, it's worth it. Also make sure you get a polarizing filter if it's really sunny outside. Enjoy the video!

Shot on DJI Phantom 3
Sliced with Final Cut Pro
Music by Fiction 20 Down


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