Motorcycle Racing Captured From Above – 150mph!!!

Crazy about to see the superbikes racing? Love motor racing and like to watch drone video footage of that? Great! You have bumped on the right place as these motor racers are crazy about bike racing. Here is a mindblowing Motorcycle Racing Video that will thrill you from inside!

This awesome motorcycle racing video has been crafted by photographer Igro Bykro with his drone. The video has been recorded on slow motion and the riders are showing all of their expertise.

The manoeuvres performed by the racers looks perfectly brilliant in slow motion as you can judge about the exact techniques that a racer should develop. The sharp turns taken by them are really not everyone’s cup of tea. Perfect coordination of speed and control has made the racers capable of doing such stunts at a speed of roaring 180 mph and higher. Such a speed is enough to let you know about the risks included in the racing. But that is exactly why a motocross racer prepares himself for.

Watch motorcyclists zip by from a camera in the sky. Shots taken from Moscow Raceway by Igor Byrko.

Speed is something that a racer is addicted to and to find his thrill he wants to build up more and more speed every time he triggers the accelerator.

And Moscow raceway happens to be the perfect place to get all these shots covered. The weather itself is a thrill for a race like ‘Need for Speed’. It has become violent too with its outrageous thunderstorms. Looks like it is filled with its own rage as the clouds are dark and they meet with the other part of the sky at the far horizon. Maybe the sky is excited too for this race.

So if you are daring enough and motor racing is something that is enough to make your day a perfect one then stream the video for the experience as it has been made just for you. For better experience don’t forget to choose HD streaming. Go, and unleash the racing DNA in you!


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