4 LiPo Charging Bags to Keep You Flying


Batteries aren’t exactly the most exciting aspect of drone flying, but they are arguably the most important. After all, without dependable batteries, your drone won’t get off the ground – or, even worse, might drop right out of the sky.

A charging bag is an absolutely vital tool to protect your battery and drone. Additionally, a charging bag is needed to protect yourself from injury and your property from damage!

What is a LiPo Charging Bag?

[easyazon_link identifier=”B010XAEFY8″ locale=”US” tag=”blueclsolut02-20″]Lithium polymer batteries[/easyazon_link] require a specific type of charger. Generally, any charger capable of charging lithium ion will also charge lithium polymer – although the cell count must be correct.

Probably the biggest drawback to using LiPo batteries is the charging process. You must be very careful when charging LiPo batteries because there’s a real risk of fire and even explosion.

Be sure and set the charger to the correct voltage or cell count. You also need a high-quality LiPo charging bag for charging, transit and storage.

A charging bag is a flame resistant bag designed to safeguard the charging process. Simply place the battery into the bag, run the charging wires through the side vents and close the top flap. This helps significantly reduce the risk of fire and other damage.

4 LiPo Battery Bags We Recommend

Apex Mini Fire-Resistant LiPo Battery Bag

At just $12, this bag is a safe, economical solution for storage and travel. Originally created for RC products, these bags are very popular among drone enthusiasts. Features include:

  • Compact size works great for travel. Bag is 2.5in by 2.5in by 5in (64mmby 50mm by 125mm)
  • Velcro design allows for easy access but also secure closure
  • Tough, expert stitching designed for durability in harsh, all-weather environments

Apex Large Lipo Battery Bag

Need a larger sized battery bag? The Apex Large LiPo Bag is an excellent solution. At 7.25in by 8.5in, the bag is large enough to hold several batteries at once. Yet the rugged, compact design is perfect for travel and storage. Features include:

  • Fire resistant materials designed to contain flames within the bag
  • Velcro closure stays securely closed when bag is sealed but is also easy to open for quick access
  • Apex brand name is trusted by drone users and other hobbyists

Teenitor Fire and Explosion Proof LiPo Battery Safe Bag

This is another large bag designed to store more than one battery at a time. At just $8, this bag is perfect for basically any budget. At 7.3in by 2.4in by 3 in, with a weight of 2.4oz, the Teenitor LiPo Bag easily fits into a car, backpack or other out-of-the-way storage space. Features include:

  • This fire and explosion-proof material is designed to significantly reduce damage from a malfunctioning LiPo battery.
  • Depending on specific battery size, this bag can hold between eight to 12 batteries.
  • Easy-to-use flap keeps batteries securely wrapped in fireproof material.

HobbyTiger Fire Retardant RC LiPo Safe Sack Pouch

With a standalone cube shape, this zippered pouch has a slightly different style than the other LiPo bags on this list. The HobbyTiger Fire Retardant Safe Sack is a large 8.46in by 6.1in by 4.53in. Made from fiberglass woven fabric with a zipper seal, this pouch will protect from accidental fire and even explosion. Features include:

  • Easy-carry handle
  • Ability to sit upright in a cube shape
  • $12 price point works for practically any budget


How to Use a Charging Bag

As valuable as a charging bag is, there are still a few simple — but important – safety rules you must follow at all times. The most important one is this: Never, under any circumstances, leave batteries charging while unattended.

A LiPo charging bag isn’t designed to prevent battery malfunction. Instead, the bag is designed to contain any explosion, fire or chemical leakage. You’ll still need to be aware of all the potential risks [easyazon_link identifier=”B0072AEY5I” locale=”US” tag=”blueclsolut02-20″]LiPo batteries[/easyazon_link] carry. LiPo batteries can combust while charging or even for no reason at all while in storage.

If the battery does catch fire, the bag is designed to prevent the flames from spreading to your house, car or person. Fire-resistant materials, pressure-relieving vents, and secure Velcro closure all work together to limit potential damage.

Aside from a LiPo, you can also minimize the risk of fire and explosion by always following proper charging procedures. Here’s what to do:

  • Carefully read all instructions for both your battery and charger.
  • Set the polarity and charge rate settings properly. (Improper settings is one of the most common causes of LiPo fires.)
  • Attach charging leads to the battery.
  • Place battery inside your LiPo charging bag.
  • Place bag on a flat, dry, non-flammable surface.
  • Route charge leads through the vents on the bag. (All charging bags will have space for this.)
  • Close the bag’s flaps. This is usually done with Velcro or a zipper on the bag.
  • Using the practices detailed in your battery’s instruction manual, charge the battery. Never leave a charging battery unattended.

Finding the Right LiPo Charging Bag

All four bags listed above are durable, fire-resistant and easy to transport. However, there’s really no one “best” type of charging bag. Instead, the bag for you is the one which is best suited your specific needs.

What type of batteries does your drone require? How many batteries do you want to store in the bag at one time? Are you going to carry the bag with you on a long hike or in a car for extended periods of time? Or will you primarily use the bag for home charging and storage?

When selecting a bag, consider the size, portability, and durability. If you plan to carry the bag with you, you likely want something smaller with straps. If you’re using the bag mainly for home charging and storage, you might want a larger bag capable of holding multiple batteries.

A LiPo charging bar is a necessity for all drone hobbyists. This simple pouch can prevent fires and injury while keeping your drone batteries charged and in top-working order.

Happy (and safe) drone flying!

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