5 Best Drones to Buy In 2016 Under $1,500

best drones to buy
Drones aren’t just for the film crew and paparazzi anymore thanks to the advanced technology that has made it cheaper and affordable. These unmanned flying machines have made their way out of simply being used for work to be used as a good fun provider. Equipped with the latest technology, people of all ages can fly, shoot photos and even make epic drone videos.

You get what you pay for; if you want to capture some of 2016’s best aerial footage you’ll have to spend some serious cash. Since drones are too pricey now, it really pays to do some research on the best drones to buy 2016 before buying one. That's why we created a list of the best drones to buy under $2,000.

Since there are a lot to choose from, knowing about the specs can be handy so you’ll know which one suits your needs the best. Capturing an aerial view of your surroundings sounds fun and why not try it yourself when everyone around you is doing it. You can also shoot some great memories with it and when your choice is a mixture of fun and capturing unforgettable moments, it is a must that your drone has a good flying time and a quality camera too.

Here is a list of the best drones to buy in 2016:

DJI Phantom 3 Series

Drone Accessories for DJI Phantom 3

If you are looking for a machine that you could fly easily and yet enjoy a great flight time with amazing video quality and features, the Phantom 3 is a good match. It comes in 3 different models and comes with a standard follow me option that makes it connect to your smartphone and follows it trough the GPS.

You can make it hover in the air and follow you making a video of you as you go. The 4K video camera can also shoot 12 megapixel photos simply making it the best drone with camera. Its powerful battery charges really fast and allows you to enjoy 20 minute flight time.

Here's a great video that overviews the Phantom 3:

Phantom 3 Purchase check_latest_price

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Yuneec Q500 4K

yuneec q500 4k

Compared to the DJI series, Yuneec seems like an unknown company but this doesn’t keep it from producing a great machine. The 4K in the name is because of the camera which shoots 4K videos. It also boasts a lot of impressive features with the top being the ability to take the camera and the gimbal off the quadcopter and use it as a hand held camera. If you are planning to purchase it, make sure you buy the 2016 black and silver model because the other ones have a 1080p camera and it isn’t that great.

Here's a great review of the Yuneec Q500:

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3DR Solo

3DR Solo

The 3D robotics solo has all the functions that could be desired by a purchaser. The killer looks and a black body with red LED lights under the rear wings and white under the front wings makes it perfect to fly in the night. You can easily trace the solo with the lights as it takes off for greater heights at night. You can also take off its camera and use it as a handheld device to shoot 4K videos.
Here's a review of the 3DR Solo:

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Hubsan X4

A perfect (small) drone for the beginners, with a fancy controller that doesn’t make you want to operate it with the app on your phone all the time. It doesn’t have an Agility mode which means you can’t fly with complete manual control but it is pretty fast and maneuverable even with auto leveling.

You can turn on or off the 6 LED lights from the controller. It comes in 4 variations with the 2 expensive ones having a 720p camera and an HD version. The only problem with the HD version is that it increases the weight hence reduces flight time.

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Parrot Bebop

Parrot Bebop

Another one to add in the list in the list of best drones to buy 2016 is the Parrot Bebop. This fancy drone is definitely one of the more advanced drones for sale this year. It is smaller faster and has a built in camera that makes its face. Just like the other advanced quadcopters it can be controlled with your iPad or android device. It has an optional SkyController which allows you to use real joystick controls, have extended range, HDMI output and a couple other few cool things. It provides fun flying but the real treat is the 14megapixel camera 180 degree field-of-view fisheye lens. Having such a wide lens and a fast processor it can fix the image distortion, stabilize the image and send it to your phone. It records 1080p video on the onboard 8GB memory.

Check out this amazing review by one of the younger drone enthusiasts we've seen!

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Why Buy A Drone?

We've has always loved to try new things. Even as a child we've tinkered with everything that we could get our hands on and as an adult, there are more possibilities and freedom to explore all the areas that we desires.

Technology has always been a fascination for the humans no matter what age, race or color. Ever since the 80’s children and adults have enjoyed playing with RC (Radio Controlled) cars, helicopters and planes. These toys have always been an enjoyment and even got the whole family involved in trying out new maneuvers and racing each other.

The concept of controlling a vehicle through a remote control didn’t stick to just the models that were available in the 80’s, we have now moved in 2016 and technology has advanced in all aspects.

The mere RC helicopters of today have been upgraded to handle some serious flying in the shape of drones. The ones available today can not only fly higher and longer, they can carry weight and can be controlled in a very sophisticated way. Even if you have no justification to buy one, you’ll have to admit that drones are pretty cool 🙂

Do you know that the actual name for the drones available for sale today are actually called multirotors and quadcopters, but it’s simply easier (and better) to call them drones. It’s not just about flight anymore, a multirotor provides the thrilling experience of conquering great heights and the race for the best drone with camera has begun too which means you can make stunning videos with them while enjoying the flight.


Photo credits to:
Dennis Loh for Q5000
Christopher Michael for 3DR Solo
Ted Eytan for the Parrot Bebop


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