DJI Lightbridge Explained – Is It Right For You?

What is DJI Lightbridge?

The DJI Lightbridge is the ultimate device for aerial storytellers. The device's built-in OSD gives users advanced video monitoring capabilities and allows drone and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) users to see everything in real-time on an Android smart device or a monitor.

Lightbridge 2

The DJI Lightbridge has two components: an airside (transmitter) and a groundside (receiver).  The airside transmitter connects to a drone or unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and has both an HDMI and composite video inputs. For added convenience, the airside component can send a control signal, allowing for seamless in-flight camera movements.

The DJI Lightbridge groundside receiver has a 4.5 hour built-in rechargeable battery and an external power option, a 3S to 6S Li-Po battery that’s sold separately to extend use.

Quick Overview:

  • All-in-one system combines video downlink and OSD data
  • Streams HD video up to 1080p at 30fps (Lightbridge 2 only)
  • Built-in 2.4 GHZ Remote Control Link
  • Wireless transmission range up to 3 miles with ideal conditions
  • Free Lightbridge App for viewing and OSD on Android smart devices
  • Groundside receiver with 4.5 hour built-in battery
  • Groundside receiver with built-in USB to charge Android smart devices
  • Advanced security features such as encryption

Take Aerial Cinematography to New Heights


The DJI Lightbridge system is ideal for professionals and amateurs alike. Combined with a compatible drone or UAV, this device allows users to capture breathtaking video while mastering the art and technique of aerial cinematography.

Thanks to the convenient features of the Lightbridge app, you can know where your aircraft where it is, how high it is, and maintain its position in space vertically and horizontally. Your aircraft's gimbals can also help you counteract the motion of a drone or UAV in the wind so the motion is stable for fluid, tilt-free video.

DJI Lightbridge Video Applications

  • Architecture- according to ArchDaily drones are a cost effective solution for shooting aerial photography and video; certain drones give artists access to software that allows them to map an area and produce more accurate topographical visualizations
  • Real Estate- Zillow, a real estate site lists several drone applications for the real estate industry; an aerial camera can provide Birdseye view of a property or land, provide detailed views of a neighborhood and local businesses in the area, property maps, and much more
  • Weddingsif you’re a tech buff, you may want to add drone photography and video to your wedding day. Drones allow photographers and videographers to capture beautiful shots of outdoor weddings. Today, some tech savvy wedding photographers are adding drone photography as a part of their wedding packages.
  • Filmmaking- if you’re shooting a movie and want to add stunning aerial views and unique camera angles, you may want to consider shooting opening, closing, or establishing shots using a drone’s camera for truly memorable scenes.
  • Vacations- for nature lovers and outdoor explorers, drone cameras can help capture beautiful shots of sprawling vistas. Drone video and photography provides true, panoramic views of a location and can be a great alternative to handheld digital cameras.
  • Snowboarding- for winter sports enthusiasts, drone cameras can capture stunning aerial view of both amateur and pro riders shredding snow.

The Benefits of HD Video Transmission

One of the main benefits of HD video transmission is allowing users to see video in detail . Unlike composite video, HD video is clearer, making it easier to get the shot you're looking for. Moreover, the receiver’s USB port can connect to a mobile device via the DJI Lightbridge app (see below).

The app offers custom features and settings to allow users to see detailed views of a drone or UAV’s video capture to help users make in-flight adjustments as necessary.

The DJI Lightbridge App

The DJI Lightbridge app is a free download available to Android users.

For iPhone Users:

An iOS app is in development and should be available to iPhone and iPad users in the near future.

App Features:

  • HD First-Person-Views(FPVs) of flight video via Android phone
  • See Flight Mode, Flight Status, Drone/UAV Power, Video Signal, RC Signal, GPS, Flight Altitude, Flight Distance, Horizontal Speed, and more
  • Real-time OSD data
  • Dynamic resolution and quality settings
  • Intelligent channel settings
  • Master-slave mode; share flight video to different screens
  • The groundside receiver has a USB port to keep your mobile phone charged

Low Latency Video

The DJI Lightbridge low latency video link is ideal for aerial video applications. Low latency video results in imperceptible delays in transmission and gives users detailed, real-time views of a drone or UAV’s video capture.

With real-time video and OSD controls, ground users are in full control. They can make necessary flight path adjustments during an aerial session to avoid reshooting, saving them both time and energy. With the DJI Lightbridge, users can also easily capture the shots they want instead of worrying the opportunities they missed.

Wireless Range up to One Mile

The airside transmitter has up to one mile of wireless range in outdoor, unobstructed spaces. The wireless distance will vary based on environmental conditions and digital interference. Interferences types can include physical objects such as trees and buildings, radio frequency interface by other devices using similar channels, and electrical interface such as lightning.

Connect up to 8 downlinks

Up to 8 downlinks can connect to the DJI Lightbridge system for parallel streaming. Each downlink works independently without interference when a proper distance kept between them.

Supports Multiple Viewing Devices

A single DJI Lightbridge airside transmitter can send video signals to multiple screens at the same the time. A ground system component will send the control signal while additional ground systems can receive a video signal. Keep in mind that the other ground systems will not be able to send the control signal.

DJI Lightbridge Supported Remote Controllers

DJI Remote for Phantom 3

The DJI Lightbridge supports a wide range of remote controllers. The chart below shows a list of remote controllers supported by the Lightbridge system. However, your device may support additional remote controllers if it follows the same PPM signal as the devices listed below.

Brand Model
  • T8FG
  • TI4SG
  • TI0CHG
  • TI0CG
  • T8J
  • DSX9
  • DSXI I
  • DX6I
  • DXI8
  • DEVO- I 0

Source: DJI Support Forum

DJI Lightbridge Security Features

People using drones or UAVs to shoot weddings, movies, or real estate may have concerns about their privacy and security. Today, some hackers can actually steal data from a user’s drone or remotely take control of an aircraft. The DJI Lightbridge system offers protection from third-party intercepts of wireless links and the loss of control of user’s aircraft. Additionally, the Lightbridge app enables encryption to give users an extra layer of privacy and security protection.

DJI Lightbridge is already integrated into the Phantom 3 Series Professional and Advanced Quadcopters.

The Phantom 3 Professional has an integrated DJI Lightbridge system. The 4K camera on this easy-to-use drone is gimbal stabilized and can take clear, 12MP still photos while allowing for HD app-based monitoring. The Phantom’s built-in GPS makes it easy to keep track of the of the devices location and the ‘Return Home’ feature located on the remote or within the Pilot app allows your quadcopter to safely return and land on command.

When the Phantom 3 Professional is used with the DJI Lightbridge app, users can see a wide variety of in-flight data such as altitude, flight distance, aircraft battery life, and more from the convenience of an Android smartphone or a local monitor. Beyond this, the quadcopter’s customizable control settings can be adjusted to fit users preferences to meet the needs of virtually any aerial videography application.

The Phantom 3 Professional quadcopter also has a convenient MicroSD card slot that allows users to conveniently store aerial video capture for quick and easy transfers.

Phantom 3 Advanced Quadcopter

phantom 3

Another great pairing for the DJI Lightbridge is the Phantom 3 Advanced Quadcopter. Featuring a 2.7K camera capable of taking 12MP still photos and HD app-based monitoring, this quadcopter is easy-to-use and captures high-resolution video. A built-in MicroSD card slot enables you to store captured video and easily transfer video to a tablet or computer for post-production.

The Phantom 3 Advanced also has a built-in vision positioning system and automatic flight logs. It has an integrated DJI Lightbridge and is a great drone or UAV for hobbyists and professionals.

The DJI Lightbridge 2 supports A2 and WooKong-M models. The DJI Lightbridge is compatible with Phantom 2, A2, WooKong-M, and NAZA-M V2 models.
Know the Rules. Fly Responsibly.

People who have drones or UAVs need to know the rules of the sky. It's important to be aware of FAA regulations as well as city, state, and federal laws in your area. If you shoot video outdoors from drone, you should know the parameters of what you can or can't do. If you're a hobbyist make sure to know the AMA guidelines so you avoid endangering people.

Rules to Keep in Mind:

To keep track of the FAA’s unmanned aircraft systems regulations, be sure to check the organization’s website regularly.

  • To commercially fly drones you need a FAA Section 333 waiver
  • You cannot fly a drone or UAV within 5 miles within an airport
  • Avoid flying over people to avoid injury in the event of a crash
  • You cannot fly a drone higher than 400 feet
  • Exercise good judgement and be careful when flying a drone
  • Use practice flight simulators to improve your handling of a drone or UAV

The DJI Lightbridge lets you view your aircraft's altitude via the Lightbridge app. This feature can help you keep track of your drone's altitude to avoid breaking federal regulations.

Is DJI Lightbridge is Right for You?

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use, lightweight, aerial cinematography solution, look no further.  The DJI Lightbridge has everything you need to control and monitor drone or UAV video in real-time. This revolutionary device will help drone users refine their art and technique by allowing them to make adjustments from the convenience of their Android smart devices. With DJI Lightbridge, you can capture more of what you want and take aerial cinematography to new heights.


Tech Specs

Wireless Transmission Distance 1.05 miles (1.7 km)
EIRP 100 mW
Receiver Sensitivity (1% PER) -101dBm ±2dBm
Working Frequency 2.4GHz ISM
Antenna Gain (Air) 2.0 ±0.7dBi at 2450 MHz
Antenna Gain (Ground) 5.0 ±0.7dBi at 2450 MHz
Antenna Connectors Air: MMCX (Male)

Ground:: 2 x SMA (Male)

Power Requirements Air: 3S to 6S Lithium-Polymer battery

Ground: Built-in or 3S to 6S Lithium-Polymer battery

Power Consumption Air: 700 mA ±20 mA at 12V

Ground: 600 mA ±10 mA at 12V

Recommended Mobile Devices Samsung Galaxy Note3 QCOM, N9005, N9006

Samsung Galaxy Note3 Exynos, N900

Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy Mega

Optimus G Pro

LG Electronics

LG Electronics G2

Sony Xperia Z (L36h)

Sony Xperia Z Ultra (XL36h)

Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1”

Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4”

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1”

Google Nexus 7 32GB LTE

Google Nexus 7 16GB Wifi

LG 8.1” Tablet

Mobile System Requirements Android system (version 4.1.2 or above)
Supported HD Display Devices Konka 32-inch LED32M1200AF

Konka 42-inch LED42M3820AF

Konka 42-inch LED42X9600UF

Skyworth 55E680E

TCL L40F3309B

TCL 4K*2K Smart 3D Cloud TV L5E5690A-3D

Konka LED46F5580F

LG 27EA33 Monitor

12-inch ORTECA Portable Monitor

7-inch FEELWORLD Portable Monitor

27-inch SAMSUNG S27D360H Monitor

Ideal LED TV 3261

Zeiss Cinemizer

Vuzix Wrap 1200DXAR

Vuzix M2000AR


Samsung 28” TV 1080i 60Hz

LG 55LA6200 55” 1080i 60Hz

ikan VH8 8”

Samsung 46” TV (model 7080)

Samsung UE40D7080 HDTV

Scott TVX 150 HDTV

Feelworld 10.1” FPV monitor (450cd/m2 version)

Feelworld 7” FPV DVR monitor

Lilliput 664/w 7” IPS field monitor

Lumenier 10.1” LCD monitor

Lilliput 7” monitor

Sony HMZ-T2 video goggles

Phottix Hector 7HD

Video Inputs AV

PAL 25










Operating Temperature 14 to 122°F / -10 to 50°C
Dimensions (L X W X H)

(not including antennas)

Air: 2.7 x 1.9 x 0.8″ / 68 x 48 x 21 mm

Ground: 4.9 x 3.5 x 0.8″ / 125 x 90 x 20 cm


(not including antennas)

Air: 2.5 oz / 71 g

Ground: 10.4 oz / 295 g


Have you tried the DJI Lightbridge or Lightbridge 2? Comment below!


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