Epic Aerial Photography of Iceland

Edgar takes us to the air to reveal some of the best-kept secrets of Iceland.

Watch as drones go on an aerial journey from fjords to soaring plains, from icebergs and rivers to lava and steam geysers. You’ll be amused when a drone surprises a herd of horses and sends them galloping away.

Let your imagination run wild when the video shows aerial footage of Sólheimasandurthe, along Iceland’s south coast, where a Douglas Super DC-3 crash landed forty years ago. The image of the still mostly intact plane one of Iceland’s black sand beaches is a landscape for the imagination.

Be left in awe by water tumbling down incredible waterfalls and into deep channels.

Edgar intersperses aerial drone photography with beautiful time-lapse shots of ice floes and mesmerizing views of night skies, punctuated by starry brilliance and the Northern Lights.

Take an unforgettable trip to the land of fire and ice. When this video is done you’ll want to watch it again. (Go ahead… we won’t tell your boss.)

Last thing: Turn up your speakers because the music is as epic as the footage!

Drone Footage Shot with: Phantom II & Gimbal H3-3D, gopro +3 black edition, and a Canon 6d for the time-lapsed shots.
Videographer: Edgar Granados


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