Polar Pro Filter Options for Drones & GoPro

I first picked up a Polar Pro filter set for my Phantom 3 Professional about 4 months ago. I'm glad I did.

polarpro filters

A Polar Pro filter has anti-reflective coating to reduce glare and enhance the quality of your drone filming experience. There are several Polar Pro filter snap-on options for the Phantom 3 Professional, Inspire 1, and GoPro drone series.

If you’re an avid aerial photographer or a cinematographer, you may want to consider purchasing Polar Pro filter packs to be prepared for a wide variety of outdoor lighting situations and get the best value for your wallet.

You’re probably wondering: do I really need to buy polarizing filters?

Today, photographers and cinematographers have access to photo editing software like Adobe’s PhotoShop and Lightroom, but polarizing filters’ effects can’t exactly be recreated digitally.

Additionally, purchasing Polar Pro filter packs is a cost-effective solution that doesn’t require you or your team to renew your photo editing software subscriptions annually. Using polarizer filters also helps reduce the time you spend in post-production and allow you to shoot more creatively.  

The Benefits of Using Polar Pro Filters

polarpro filters

Reduces Glare and Reflections

If you’re shooting on a particularly bright day, you may be picking up a lot of glare and reflections. Using a polarizer filter, your images will be enhanced and you’ll pick up details that would otherwise be obscured by intense lighting conditions.

Helps Eliminate “Hazy” Conditions of Cloudy, Overcast Days

Few things can be as frustrating on shooting on a cloudy, overcast day, but using a polarized filter can help reduce hazy conditions, allowing you to pick up more color saturation and detail. Using a polarizer filter can be especially helpful when shooting in snow or near bodies of water to help clouds pop against vivid skylines.

Enhanced Color Saturation

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If you’re shooting beautiful trees in autumn or the incredible details of the Grand Canyon or similar rock formation, you’ll want to use an orange filter to bring out earth tones such as rust, amber, and reds. Using a blue tinted filter will help you cool down skylines and create stronger contrasts between the sky and the ground.

Here's a great video that shows the difference these filters can make:


DJI Phantom 3 Cinema Series Polar Pro Filter 3-Pack

A great Polar Pro filter option for Phantom 3 Professional drones, is the Cinema Series Filter 3-Pack that includes the ND8/PL, ND16/PL, and ND32 filters. The Cinema Series ultralight, aluminum framed lenses can help reduce light and improve saturation to create smoother looking images.

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This polarizer filter reduces your drone’s camera shutter speed by 3 stops and is ideal for shooting video on cloudy or mostly cloudy days. It’s intended for conditions that are too bright for the CP filter and allows drone operators to capture stunning video with beautifully saturated colors.


If you’re faced with partly sunny to mostly sunny conditions, then you’ll want to opt for the ND16/PL filter. This filter reduces the camera's shutter speed by 4 stops and will help improve the saturation of the footage you capture.


Ideal for extremely sunny and bright days, the ND32 filter will reduce your Phantom 3 Professional’s shutter speed by 5 stops. The ND32 is a dark filter and should only be used in lighting conditions that are very intense such as in a desert or at snowy fields on excessively bright days.

Phantom 3 Advanced/Professional Graduated Polar Pro Filter Set

Another great option for Phantom 3 Advanced and Professional drone photographers and cinematographers is the Graduated Filter Set. This versatile 3-pack comes with the Polar Pro ND8, orange, and blue graduated filters.

If you’re a fan on landscape photography, especially sunrises and sunsets, these filters can help you capture beautifully saturated images of the sky without underexposing the ground.

Sunrise Downeast Maine

Graduated Neutral Density (ND8): this filter reduces 3 stops of light and creates smooth color transitions. The ND8 helps expose the sky without underexposing the ground, making it an ideal filter option for capturing sunrises and sunsets.

Graduated Orange: this filter adds a subtle warmth to skylines while maintaining the ground’s natural color. Additionally, the graduated orange Polar Pro filter reduces light by 1.8 stops.

Graduated Blue: like the graduated orange filter, the graduated blue filter reduces light by 1.8 stops, but helps cool down warm colors while maintaining the ground’s natural color.

Polar Pro Filter Options for Inspire 1 and Osmo Series

Just like with the Phantom 3 series drones, Polar Pro filters have a cinema series 3-pack that’s compatible with Inspire 1 and Osmo X3 cameras. The cinema series 3-pack includes the ND8/PL, ND16/PL, and ND32 filters and is a must-have for shooting in cloudy to extremely bright lighting conditions.

Inspire 1 Graduated Filter 3-Pack

For Inspire 1 owners looking to capture stunning images, the Polar Pro Graduated Filter 3-Pack is an absolute must have. This versatile set includes the ND8, Orange/Tobacco, and Blue graduated filters to help you capture enhanced images in variety of different landscapes.

These filters will also help extend your Inspire 1 camera’s dynamic range and can easily be installed thanks to their threaded aluminum design. The filters’ lightweight design won’t add a lot stress on the Inspire 1’s gimbal, ensuring smooth operation.

Graduated Neutral Density (ND8): this filter reduces 3 stops of light and creates a soft transition to clear to help drone operators expose the sky when the ground below them is poorly lit. This high-quality, general purpose filter is ideal for minimizing “haze-like” effects created in certain lighting conditions.  

Graduated Orange/Tobacco: this Polar Pro filter enhances the saturation of red-oranges, tobaccos (“earth tones”), and amber by reducing light by 1.7 stops. The orange graduated filter is ideal for shooting autumn landscapes or rock formations with a red-brown composition.

Fall Leaves Downeast Maine

Graduated Blue: this filter helps reduce reflections and glare to improve light transmission and image quality. It’s ideal for capturing vivid landscapes with more natural colors and reduces light by 1.3 stops; use this Polar Pro filter to cool down the sky without color-shifting the ground.

Phantom 3 ND32/PL Polar Pro Filter

The ND32/PL filter is designed for DJI Phantom Advanced and Professional series models. This filter reduces shutter speed by 5 stops and helps eliminate glare and enhance color saturation. It’s ideal for use in very sunny settings.

Phantom 3 ND64 Polar Pro Filter

This ultra lightweight dark filter is intended for Phantom 3 Advanced and Professional series drones. The ND64 filter reduces shutter speed by 6 stops and can achieve a shutter speed of 1/60th to capture stunning video in extremely bright lighting conditions.

DJI Inspire 1 and Osmo series ND32/PL Filter

The ND32/PL Polar Pro filter for Inspire 1 and Osmo cameras reduces light by 5 stops and allows you to shoot at a lower shutter speed. This polarizing filter will also help reduce glare to enhance color saturation and contrast. It’s ideal for shooting aerial photos and videos on very bright days.

DJI Inspire 1 and Osmo series  ND64 Filter

Designed specifically for the DJI Inspire 1, the lightweight ND64 filter will reduce the camera’s speed by 6 stops to a shutter speed of 1/60th, which is perfect for shooting in extremely bright lighting conditions. By reducing the camera’s shutter speed to 1/60th, aerial videos will have a smoother cinematic look when filmed at 4K/30 or 24fps. If you’re shooting at 1080/60, then you’ll want to get a shutter speed of 1/120th.

GoPro Frame 2.0 Polar Pro Filter Professional 6-Pack

If you have a GoPro Hero 3, 3+, or 4 series, then you’ll want to consider purchasing the frame 2.0 filter professional 6-pack. This cost-saving professional package includes the GoPro CP, ND8, ND16, ND32, ND8/PL, and ND16/PL filters, which work with most frame housings and gimbals.

These filters are lightweight and range from 4.7 to 6.7 grams. Additionally, they are compatible with most naked GoPros and mount directly to the GoPro’s lens.

This professional series will help you achieve slower shutter speeds to give your videos a smoother, more cinematic look and feel. The Polar Pro filters included in this 6-pack will also help eliminate glare and reflections while reducing the “jello effect” of a rolling shutter.

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Polarizer Filter (CP): at 6.06 grams, this general purpose, ultra lightweight filter will help reduce glare while improving color saturation and contrast. It’s great for making clouds pop against vivid skylines.

ND8: at 5.38 grams, this neutral density filter reduces the shutter speed by 3-stops and is great for shooting in partly cloudy conditions.

ND16: this 4-stop neutral density filter weighs 5.23 grams; it's great for shooting on sunny days and will help smooth video for more natural motion blur.

ND32: the ND32 filter reduces your camera’s shutter speed by 5 stops. This ultra lightweight filter weighs 4.76 grams and is intended for use in extremely bright lighting situations.

ND8/PL: this polarizer filter helps eliminate glare and reflections in your videos. It reduces your camera’s shutter speed by 3 stops and is a great general purpose filter for enhancing colors and contrast.

ND16/PL: this neutral density, 4-stop polarizer filter is super light, weighing in at 6.72 grams. It’s used to eliminate reflections and glare when shooting in snowy areas of near bodies of water.

Depending on your aerial filming and production needs, there are a wide variety of Polar Pro filters to choose from. If you’re looking to minimize the time you spend in post-production and want to capture smooth video with more natural motion blur, then it pays to invest in Polar Pro filter packs or buy individual filters based on your needs.

It’s wonderful to have more options for creativity during shoots; using a wide variety of filters when filming will help you create stunning, color-rich images and avoid costly and time-consuming reshoots.

How Do I Screw On A Polar Pro Filter for My Phantom 3?

Got you covered. Here's a quick video we made to show you how simple it is:

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