Raining Ice Cold Beer!

This a short video from Lemon Drone where you can see that a GPS guided drone is raining ice cold beer to the man standing below. In real people were amazed to see when a UAV drone was able to drop the beer with so much accuracy in the Opppikoppi festival.

This year in the Oppikoppi festival and these GPS-guided drone were successfully able to drop beer from the sky to the thirsty people standing below without any error. People narrated this incident as raining ice cold beer in the hot and humid day.

Raining Ice Cold Beer

As since, the technology is constantly finding its ways to the top, here we can see the use of the most sophisticated technology with a greater ease. This Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) which is a remote control device shows that nowadays a lot can be done with the help of these drones raining ice cold beer is a least of them. Seeing this drone video footage, one can understand that drone might come in handy in many ways. Not only this drone can help people in the time emergencies but also proves to be a great pass time for people fooling around with it.

Yes please! A GPS guided drone quenches the thirst of festival goers. Thanks for the video Darkwing.

Furthermore, the camera attached to the drone enables us to experience a whole new side of the world where we can see what the drone actually “sees”. The integrated technology used for such cameras provides you with a view in the form of the first person to your laptops, tablets or even Smartphones. Thus, drones can offer you with a unique experience or sightseeing which you might not able to do so by yourself.


Lemon Drone is a well-renowned company popularly known for their UAV's and their video blogs. Well if you want to experience something like raining ice cold beer then I would suggest you should approach the company in order to fulfill your dreams.


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