Best Filters for Phantom 3 Professional in 2016


Shooting footage with your Phantom 3 is a great way to get amazing shots since the bird’s eye view and 4K resolution work together brilliantly. Unfortunately, sometimes the weather and atmosphere can get in the way of a perfect shot. For example, a particularly sunny day can wash out many colors and fine details.

That is why we have filters for our drone camera. The Phantom 3 Professional comes with its own stock filter, but that doesn't always get the job done. For the best experience, you need solid aftermarket filters.

There are plenty of choices out there, and many different companies make filters for the Phantom 3. Of course, not all filters are created equal. They all have different uses and qualities. Below, we have compiled a list of the best filters for the Phantom 3 Professional drone.

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1. PolarPro Filters
2. DJI Pro Filters
3. Rainbowers ND Filters
4. TACO-RC Filters
5. Final Verdict

1. PolarPro Filters


The team behind the PolarPro filters wowed the investors on Shark Tank, and there’s a really good reason for that. Their collections of filters are suitable for nearly any shot. [easyazon_link keywords=”PolarPro Neutral Density (ND) filters” locale=”US” tag=”blueclsolut02-20″]PolarPro’s Neutral Density (ND) filters[/easyazon_link] provide stunning clarity on sunny days. They come in a range of ND 3 to ND 5 to compensate for cloudy to sunny days respectively.

The below video from DroneNerds does a wonderful job at showing what PolarPro has to offer. There are even multiple comparisons for each one.

The only big complaints we’ve seen about the filters are about installation. Many users claim the filters are difficult to put onto the camera. While we actually haven’t had any issues with installing the filters, if you have been having trouble, we made a quick instructional video showing how to put them in place.

Your best bet here is to go with the three pack for $69.99. These accommodate for cloudy, partly cloudy, and sunny days. For video enthusiasts, the six pack includes filters that affect the shutter speed as well to ensure smooth footage even with polarizing. The six pack is available for $149.99.

2. DJI ND Filters

The [easyazon_link identifier=”B013U0F6EQ” locale=”US” tag=”blueclsolut02-20″]DJI Phantom 3[/easyazon_link] comes with its own stock UV filter. That may work fine for casual use, but for more advanced use, DJI released a collection of ND filters. They are listed along with all the other accessories for the Phantom 3. They range from [easyazon_link keywords=”DJI ND Filters ND4 to ND16″ locale=”US” tag=”blueclsolut02-20″]ND4 to ND16[/easyazon_link] and retail at $29.00 each.

DJI manufactures these filters, so they are guaranteed to be completely suited to the product. They screw on just like the included UV filter and fit just as snug. This also helps ensure there isn't an issue with counterbalancing weight, and the gimbal is also unaffected.

Drone fliers interested in keeping their Phantom 3 official may like these. Sticking with the drone manufacturer keeps consistent quality throughout the product. It will also match the color of the camera exactly with no guesswork. These filters are a solid and safe choice.

3. Rainbowers ND Filters

Rainbowers, a drone enthusiast, has crafted a set of filters for the Phantom 3. He created 6 filters: ND8, ND16, ND32, ND2 Gradual, ND4 Gradual, and CPL. He also packs the filters into a wooden case. It is featured on his Aileen Studio website.

Here is a photo of what it looks like:

The filters work particularly well, and attach onto the camera with ease. Plus, there are slots on the edges to help turn the horizons of the graduated filters. This helps make sure each shot is the right one.

The main complaint about the Rainbowers filters is that they get in the way. There have been reported issues with ground clearance, and news that it interferes with the gimbal. Careful planning can eliminate those risks, but they exist all the same.

Another potential issue is getting a hold of them. There isn't an obvious storefront selling these filters, so we had a difficult time tracking down where to turn for them. Plenty of forums have users claiming to have a set, but they are not being manufactured on a large scale.

4. TACO-RC Filters

The TACO RC Store offers a solid choice on a budget. Their [easyazon_link identifier=”B015CJRW90″ locale=”US” tag=”blueclsolut02-20″]ND filter set of 4[/easyazon_link] filters goes for $59.99, making them the least expensive item on the list. The set comes with ND4, ND8, ND16, and ND32 filters. A pouch and gimbal holder are also included.

Here is a photo of what it looks like:

Installation is simple and easy. We haven’t seen any complaints about putting them on. In fact, TACO-RC released a 32-second clip showing just how easy it is. They seem to be made to replicate the DJI filters in threading and weight. Since they are a different manufacturer, though, there is no complete guarantee for a perfect fit. It seems to be one, though.

TACO-RC also supplies a collection of accessories for the filters. They offer a case, gimbal lock and lens cover, and more. They even make skins for the drone and remote control.

5. Final Verdict

All drone users can find uses for Phantom 3 filters. Each item on this list is a fantastic choice for your drone photography and video needs, and there are options for the budget-conscious consumer as well as fans of unique craftsmanship.

Thank you for reading! Which filters do you think work best for the Phantom 3? Did we miss anything? Please let us know what you think on our Facebook page.

Please share this post with anyone who has a Phantom 3 drone!

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