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Small quadcopter

2016 is certainly a year which will be more technology driven and if you do not own a drone this year, you are certainly missing out great fun and technology too.

Taking aerial pictures and making videos is the latest trend and you should not be far behind from it. Decide which drone meets your expectations and have a new hobby.

Had you considered buying a drone two years ago, people would have thought you are crazy and asking for trouble. But now the perspective has changed and a person who doesn’t own it seems like an odd guy.

Almost everyone seems to own one and they are boasting about it by posting their self taken aerial snapshots or videos posted on the social media channels.


It is simply cool to own one as it is a great way to pass your leisure time, take stunning pictures and enjoy flying something which is far too advanced than a kite.

There are too many possibilities with a UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) today because it isn’t only about bombing people anymore.

Mini Quadcopters Pros and Cons

small quadcopter 2These tiny aircrafts are filling the headlines equally fast as they are filling the skies.

You don’t need to have a control tower built to monitor your quadcopter as it can be easily controlled from the remote controller or through the app installed in your smartphone.

If you are really willing to own one and still not spend a fortune, the best drone with camera can be bought easily from any toy shop or a mall. There’s no big deal about purchasing one because these are safe, made for enjoyment and can be easily controlled by a 12 year old.

Most of these UAVs come at a very affordable price equipped with a camera and there is a huge variety to choose from.

Searching for the best drones to buy 2016 isn’t a headache because they can be ordered online or you can simply stop on your way home and purchase one from a shop.

small quadcopter 3

However, it good that you have done some research before stepping in to buy one because who knows you could end up with something that doesn’t meet you expectations. Spending your money on something that you would no longer use than just a few minutes of flying wouldn’t be a good decision.

So make sure you know what you are buying and how well you can use it for your purposes.

2016 has just started and if your new year’s to do list has missed buying a drone, make sure you add to it because there are some really cool drones available that can make your leisure times more enjoyable and you’ll get a reason to spend time outdoors which is certainly beneficial for your health.

One of the biggest problems for the youth today is, they do not spend enough time outside their homes, frankly speaking, they do not get away from their computers.

Everyone likes to move around but since most of the youngsters and even old ones are too afraid to get hurt playing a sport, or they are too lazy to get involved in a sport, flying a multirotor can provide a good excuse to step outside and enjoy the change.

So, before you get all excited over the idea of buying a drone, here are some of the best drones to buy 2016.

Skeye Pico Drone

It is claimed to be the tiniest drone available for purchase. It is small enough to be held by your fingers but can perfectly fly thanks to the 6-axis flight control and a gyroscope.

Owing to its miniscule size, it cannot accommodate a camera but can be perfect to pester anyone inside the house. It can be a great tool to play pranks.

This little daredevil isn’t designed to just fly, but it can do flips, spins and aerial dives with perfection. And if you want to enjoy flying it in the dark, the led lights will help you track it for eight minutes at a maximum range of 50 meters.

Dromida Ominus FPV

This drone is for the people who want to own a best drone with camera at an affordable price. It comes with a HD camera feed directly connected to your smartphone which is its controller too.

This simply means that flying around corners and still being able to control is a real possibility. It is available in blue, green, red and yellow and is compatible with iOS and android.

Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Power Edition Quadricopter

Parrot is the first company to come out with a drone for the civilians so with the second edition, you get a lot of technology at a price that is easy to afford. This quadcopter is controlled though an app that can be easily installed in your iOS or android device.

The built in camera relays photos and 720p 30fps videos to the smartphone so that you can store them. You can enjoy flying it for 18 minutes and it can be controlled up to 165 feet.

There is an added option of connecting a small USB stick to directly store all the images and videos so that you don’t have to store them on your device.


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