Wakeboarding In Switzerland = Winning Life

This high-quality video is one of the best wakeboarding videos ever captured in Switzerland. It is shot through a drone so there can be no match for it.

Wakeboarding is simply not a water sport for adventure enthusiasts; it is the ability to express your passion in its rawest form. Challenging the water is one thing, and making friends with it is another.

This high-quality video is touted as one of the best wakeboarding video ever captured on the lens. Obviously, it is shot through a drone so there can be no match for it.

Wakeboarding in Switzerland

The turquoise blue water is pierced by the ski boat, leaving the white stream of water behind. The video is shot Overlake Neuchâtel located in Switzerland, using the 4K resolution camera installed in the state-of-art drone. There are many videos of wakeboarding in Switzerland, but simply this is the best one till date.

The man performing wakeboard is Paul Johnston who has provided some of the best wakeboarding videos with his maneuverability, control, and acrobatics with the wakeboard. But this is beyond aesthetics, and this Swiss wakeboarding video can raise anyone’s interest in wakeboarding. The sport not just displays excellent control techniques, but has something which ignites a passion for winning. It is equivalent to conquering the sea, which is ever-ready to sink you down on slightest of mistakes.

Get fired up with this video of Paul Johnston ripping it on the Lac de Neuchatel in Switzerland. Some awesome tracks accompanied by a great soundtrack, filmed in 4K.

Watching the video, you’ll salute the skills of this man. The way he dances over the water resembles special effects, but this is real.

How high can he get with his wakeboard? There’s to see for anyone.

On top of that, he is tossing to either side of the boat, exhibiting his ease with the wakeboarding. The videos captured from the top angle gives a very clear picture of his antics in the middle of the lake. Moreover, the boat is moving at a considerable speed, which makes his calisthenics, even more, praise-worthy. The angles are beautifully captured, and one may not a miss thing. Such videos can only be shot with perfection only via a drone footage. This is one such video.

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