The 5 Best DJI Mavic Pro Review Videos


The 5 Best DJI Mavic Pro Review Videos

DJI, the pioneer behind the Phantom line of drones, has done it yet again. Their recently released Mavic Pro is already redefining the way the industry looks at highly-portable, travel-sized drones.

The DJI Mavic Pro is notable not only for its compact design, but also the high level of performance and technology packed into its small, lightweight frame. Most people compare the Mavic Pro with the Phantom 4 in terms of overall performance and quality.

Rather than give you another written review of this incredible new drone, we decided to round up the top video views from around the Internet. Each video review gives you the reviewer’s overall opinion on the Mavic Pro plus a look at it in action and real footage from its camera.

Here are 5 of the best DJI Mavic Pro review videos to help you decide if this is the right drone for you.

1. Flite Test – DJI Mavic Pro | Review

What better place to start your research on the Mavic Pro than with Flite Test’s in-depth video review?

Flite Test is a well-known resource in the UAV world admired for their experience and reputability. You can trust that their video review of the Mavic Pro is as honest as they come.

The folks at Flite Test break down their review of the Mavic Pro by performance, portability, camera, features, and controller. They offer plenty of video footage to back up their claims in each category.

The footage provided in this video review comes in several forms. It shows the Mavic Pro in action from the ground, from the air (thanks to a Phantom 4), and from the drone’s own camera itself. Shots of the controller’s screen give you a better sense of the drone’s FPV capabilities.

Flite Test rates the Mavic Pro very highly. They give it a 10/10 in many of their review categories. They also consistently compare the drone to its predecessor, the Phantom 4, throughout their video review.

2. CNET – DJI Mavic Pro is a Compact Quadcopter That Doesn’t Sacrifice Performance for Size

CNET is the world’s leader in tech reviews. Their video review of the Mavic Pro is a good companion to their in-depth written review.

At a little less than 2 minutes in length, the CNET video review tells you what you absolutely need to know about the Mavic Pro. Though it’s short and simple, it tells you the basic facts and key highlights about the drone.

The review provides plenty of shots of the Mavic Pro in action. There is footage of it in each of its various flight modes as well as a look at the controller.
CNET rates the drone highly overall. Like Flite Test, they also compare the Mavic Pro head to head with the Phantom 4.

Though CNET doesn’t offer an actual rating in their review, it’s clear that they feel the drone is a great investment.

3. Casey Neistat – Greatest Drone Ever!! DJI Mavic Pro

Casey Neistat probably doesn’t have the UAV knowledge and expertise of, say, Flite Test’s reviewers. But that’s actually what we love about his review.

Neistat is just a normal person like us. He’s a casual drone enthusiast excited to try out the DJI Mavic Pro. His enthusiasm for this drone shows throughout his entire video review.

The title of this video sums up Neistat’s feelings towards the done. He loves the drone for its small size, durable construction, and high performance. During the video, he gives an in-depth review of the drone, taking time to dwell on each individual feature.

We like that Neistat takes the time to show us the drone both in his office and out in the field. The video includes footage from the first time he flew the drone outdoors. He shows us several of the different flight modes for a better idea of how the Mavic Pro works.

Unlike other video reviews that delve deep into specifications, Casey Neistat’s review focuses on how fun and easy to use the Mavic Pro is to operate.

4. Ready Set Drone – DJI Mavic Pro – Full Review

Those interested in a thorough review of the Mavic Pro would do well to take a gander at this review video from Ready Set Drone.

Ready Set Drone has long been a leader in drone reviews and news. They’ve spent time testing all of DJI’s previous models, so they know what they’re talking about when it comes to the new Mavic Pro.

What sets this video apart from others is that the review is done after a few weeks of using the drone, rather than on the first flight. Though this means the video doesn’t contain initial impressions, it does mean the reviewer is already intimately familiar with all the Mavic Pro’s controls.

Video footage is provided that highlights all aspects of the Mavic Pro experience. You see how to fold/unfold it, set it up for flight, take off, fly in several different modes, and land. Footage is also provided from the on-board camera so you have a better idea of its quality and resolution.

5. Tom’s Tech Time – Watch This Before You Buy the DJI Mavic Pro | In-Depth Review

At almost 40 minutes long, there’s no denying this Mavic Pro review video by Tom’s Tech Time is truly comprehensive.

The in-depth review looks at every aspect of the Mavic Pro in detail. It reviews the drone’s performance, camera, batteries, durability, safety, and much more.
Tom’s Tech Time also takes a moment to list the pros and cons of the Mavic Pro. They give their opinion on whether the drone is as a good investment.

Hint, hint: the overall impression is that the Mavic Pro is so good it might just edge out the Phantom 4 as DJI’s flagship model going forward.

Final Thoughts

The 5 videos above should give you a good idea of how the DJI Mavic Pro performs in all regards.

Each video shows the drone in action from several angles as well as footage pulled directly from its HD 1080p camera. The information highlighted in the videos will go a long way towards helping you decide if the Mavic Pro is the right drone for you.

Learn more about the DJI Mavic Pro.

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