This is What it’s Like to Fly Above Dubai’s Epic Skyscrapers

It is an exceptionally breathtaking and spellbinding awe experience. This NPro+ Inspire 1 will capture you and your environment in ways that were unimaginable to you.

The complete city tour of one of the most astonishingly beautiful and technologically advanced city of the world, Dubai by a drone that explicitly stands at the helm of the technology is 3 minutes 16 sec video that will please your mind and leave you in pure appreciation.


As the Drone flies over the deserts of Dubai and the world's most famous skyscrapers, the entire scene when captured in a flawlessly detailed 4K video just appears to be an artist’s masterpiece. The color contrast balance is so proficiently designed that the whole scene becomes a portrait of beauty. No inch of land can be missed as the npro inspire 1 truly inspires and covers a mind blogging shining Burj Khalifa and the Cayan Tower with never before seen aesthetics. It will just put an explicit control over your vocabulary with you running out of Words to explain this blend of technologically-enabled art. The tourism section is up for one of its biggest booms and these high quality drones will lead the way.

NPro+ Aerial Production takes you through an aerial tour of the city of Dubai – fly by the massive skyscrapers, desert sunsets and magnificent beaches. Pretty incredible that this city is built in the middle of the desert!

The anticipated boons to follow from this drone technology are beyond any measurement. It is already working wonders in traffic management services in certain parts of the world and with big players like Amazon vesting their resources in drone technology, these little unmanned flying objects are the future we all wait for so intensely.

Dubai is known throughout the world for the beauty it so proudly owns and this drone is a perfect example of all the angles yet to be explored and pondered upon. It’s a mere glimpse of what the future may have in store for us.

“It is already a revolution and it has just begun. “


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