Top 5 Shots You Should Take With Your Drone

Top 5 Shots To Take With Your Drone

One of the biggest mistakes beginners make is not knowing what shots to take with their drone.

Do you just casually fly by the object you're filming?

Should you move the camera?

Knowing these small details can make all the difference for making quality content.

In this video, Mark shows you how to perform the top 5 shots you should take with your drone.

He'll also show you exactly how it should look on your remote controller with your hands.

The Top 5 Shots You Should Take:

  1. Push/Pull. This is when the camera is slowly moving towards the subject or slowly moving away from the subject. This can help build suspense or draw out a feeling you're trying to express in the film. It can also be helpful to show the environment you're in as you pull away.
  2. Crane. This is when the drone slowly moves up or down (vertically) to show large crowds or landscapes. This can help add movement to a shot.
  3. Orbit. This is when you keep the subject in the center of the frame but move the drone in a circular pattern around the perimeter. This can add intensity to the shot by emphasizing the subject and showing it from all angles.
  4.  Bird's Eye View. This is when you are looking down from above while moving the drone in any direction. This is great for establishing location to a shot.
  5. Reveal. This is when you move away from a subject to “reveal” the larger landscape it's in. This is often referred to as a “dronie” when it's filming the pilot.

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