Trip Out On A Burning Man Drone Ride

A great instance of the landscape, Drone Video, that works on aerial angles to capture the very spirit of Burning Man Event.

For those who aren’t aware, Burning Man is an annual event where thousands of people flock together in Black Desert Nevada to give shape to Black Rock City which acts a temporary structure for a metropolis and acts a cradle of creativity, fun, frolic and a platform for self-expression. People usually built in theme based camps and villages that express the best forms of creative intellect and artistic geniuses.

Burning Man Drone Ride

In this exclusive footage of Burning Man Drone Ride, get to witness the coming together of people in the heart of Black Rock Desert and how they build their way to creating some awe-inspiring art structures all over. The Desert Video starts with a panoramic view of the area and slowly pans out and zooms back in where you people moving all over the place, some riding bicycles, others climbing up to offer finishing touches to giant art structures. It’s more like a civilization coming together as a potent symbol of freedom and expression.

Get a feel for the Burning Man experience. View beautiful art, desert vehicles, and creative costumes in the worlds most popular desert party! Thanks for the clip Petr Didenko.

The Drone Video footage beautifully captures the very spirit of the event showcasing stunning creative, glimpse of people moving around looking busy and girls in colourful costumes get together to tune in for one of the best parties happening right in the centre of Black Rock Desert. The clip also explores a range of drone camera angles by switching in fast between shooting modes to painstakingly capture and present before one and all the spirit of the metropolis being built. If you have been never been to the Burning Man Event or have plans to do so, this exclusive Desert Video shot right from the heart of Black Rock desert will offer you a steady glimpse into what’s it like to be there.


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