Where Is This?!?

It is been everyone’s dream to explore something new like a Flyby of the Vance creek bridge in the world. The explorers will know exactly what I’m talking about. Everyone wants to add something new and special in his memory, which will make him feel good at leisure hours. Also, exploration gives your mind new heights and helps you to set up new goals.

The Photographer and the explorer Spencer Findlay has made this shot with his gangster drone of a flyby of the Vance Creek Bridge.

There you can see a long railways bridge, hanging in a valley. If feels like the railway services have abandoned the place a long time ago. Such a wonderful construction is going in vein slowly as nature is ruling on it.

Flyby of the Vance Creek Bridge

There is a wonderful view of the woods, surrounding the entire place of the flyby of the Vance Creek Bridge. Clear skies, light breeze, perfect sunlight and freedom from all those pollution of the outer world, this place is just a perfect peace of mind. No one would ever have imagined that in a place like this, you are going to find the divine nature so beautifully. The narrow stream is flowing beneath the bridge gently, making a perfect landscape for the place. And if you don’t have any issues with height, then looking downwards with naked eyes from about a 100 meters high wooden platform, my friend I would say that is what the world calls an adventure. All these drone video footage has been captured by Phantom 2 Drone.

An amazing flyby of a bridge in the woods with some gangster drone pilots. Great work Spencer Findlay.

Such a place like that is waiting for you people who love adventure in their lives. So get inspired by this perfect adventurer’s masterpiece and when you are done enough, get out and explore something unknown, or something that you didn’t ever think of. It will be an experience of a lifetime for anyone who attempts such challenges!


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