Can You Fly A Drone In San Francisco?

Here's a video of the Lemon Drone team flying a Phantom 3 Professional quadcopter at sunrise in San Francisco.

We were wondering if you can fly a drone in San Francisco so we decided to go for it ourselves!

Also note that we never flew over anyone and kept the drone in our eyesight the entire time.

If you’ve ever been to San Francisco, California, you know what a beautiful city it is. If it’s still on your list of places to visit, you still know what a beautiful city it is.

With its unique landscape, beautiful bay, and hills that rival anywhere else in the country, exploring San Francisco is an adventure. But exploring the city from the perspective of a drone is unlike anything you will ever be able to experience.

Creating videos with flying drones allow us to get a unique perspective of the cities in which we live, we visit, or even those we hope to some day explore first hand. The city of San Francisco, located in Northern California, is no different.

San Francisco, which is recognized for landmarks and sights like the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz Prison, and the San Francisco cable car system, is a perfect city to explore by drone. As you can tell from this video, drone footage allows you to get a close view of the top of Golden Gate Bridge or experience just what it would feel like to try and escape from Alcatraz Island.

No matter how many times you’ve been to the city of San Francisco, you’ll get an entirely new view of all your favorite sights and scenes. You’ll feel as if you’re soaring high above the crowds, taking in the magnificent views, even if you’re just sitting at home hundreds of miles away.

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