CX-10 and CX-10C Review – Great starter drones!

You've heard of gateway drugs, right? Well, the CX-10 was my gateway drug into the world of drones and quadcopters. I found one on sale through one of those “deal-a-day” sites and couldn't resist the price – only $10! Little did I know that the tiny CX-10 would turn me into a full-blown drone addict!

I am going to review both the CX-10 and CX-10c at the same time, since they are identical in just about every way except for the CX-10c coming equipped with a camera.

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Build Quality

These little guys can take a beating! Since this was my first drone, you can imagine the number of crashes and rough landings that it endured. Having flown it a few dozen times, I've only broken 1 propeller so far – so even those hold up well!

Battery Life

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Here's where we see a major difference between the 10 and 10C. The 10 usually goes for about 4-5 minutes on a charge. The 10C only gets me about 3-4, possibly even less if I am recording video the whole time.

Thankfully they both charge pretty quick. I've had them go from completely dead to fully charged in 15 minutes, depending on the charging source used (a higher amp phone charger seems to charge them more quickly).


Once you get a little practice under your belt, you can get the CX-10 to respond pretty accurately. They are tough to hover in one spot, even with some moderate trim tweaking. Don't forget that they have 3 different speed modes: low, medium and high. The low and medium speeds are great for learning, but if you really want to see these things zip around, try out the high speed.


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Compared to bigger drones, the CX-10 has pretty limited range at around 20 meters or so. However, for their size, it really isn't too bad. Especially since the further it gets from you, the harder it is to keep it oriented. I really have no complaints about the range.


At their regular price of about $15 for the CX-10 and $25 for the CX-10C, they are a good value. If you happen to catch them on sale – then they are a fantastic value. You can get a whole lot of fun out of these things and not feel too bad if you mangle it in a crash since you are only out $15 (unlike crashing a $300 CX-20 or a $1000 DJI!).

Other Notes

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”500″ identifier=”B015J544MA” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”blueclsolut02-20″ width=”500″]

The camera on the 10C isn't great, but what do you expect on such a tiny drone? I really can't subtract points because of the quality – I think it is pretty amazing that they were able to cram a camera in there in the first place.

Since the camera adds weight, the flight time of the 10C is noticeably less than the 10, especially when you are recording video.

There is also a CX-10A model out there. The main difference is that the 10A offers “headless mode,” which essentially just means that if you tell it to go left, it goes left, regardless of what direction the “head” is facing. This makes it easier to fly, especially for beginners, since it can be easy to lose orientation.


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2 thoughts on “CX-10 and CX-10C Review – Great starter drones!

  • January 17, 2016 at 11:49 pm

    Well, since this is a small drone, 20 meters seems decent; not very much, but ok I guess. Charging time seems ok as well and I wasn’t expecting this to reach 5 minutes of flight time. Are you sure it can reach as much?

  • January 19, 2016 at 11:55 am

    How did they manage to cram a camera in such a tiny drone? This is amazing to me! Although it might not be great, which is to be expected, paying just $15-$20 for a drone that can fly up to 5 minutes and get decent footage is pretty cool.


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