Floureon H101 2.4GHz RC Quadcopter – Deals and Reviews

Drones under $10 always catch our eye. At that price, they are hard to resist and make great gifts for new drone pilots. Well, we ran across a sale for a neat little drone for less than $9 – [easyazon_link identifier=”B01GZLGQWI” locale=”US” tag=”blueclsolut02-20″]Floureon H101 2.4GHz RC Quadcopter[/easyazon_link], including shipping!

This little guy is a blast to fly, is easy to handle, and even has inverted flight ability (fly it upside down!). Check it out…

[easyazon_infoblock align=”center” identifier=”B01GZLGQWI” key=”image” locale=”US” tag=”blueclsolut02-20″]

You just can't go wrong when you can pick up a fun little drone. We've had a chance to fly this drone in the past – and for the price, it is a surprisingly steady flyer. We were even able to attach a larger battery to it, which just about doubled the flight time!

It would make a great drone for a first-timer or add it to your collection if you already have a small drone or two. That way you have an extra drone to pull out when friends come over and want to fly one. You won't be so concerned handing them a controller for a drone that cost less than $25 – way better than trusting a new pilot with a DJI [easyazon_link identifier=”B01CFXQZD0″ locale=”US” tag=”blueclsolut02-20″]Phantom[/easyazon_link]!


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