Holy Stone F181 Review

A drone toy lover will always look forward to adding new assets to his existing collection. If you are one among them, then here comes the newly designed Holy Stone Quadcopter. Additionally, we have shared a detailed Holy Stone F181 review in the article.

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The word ‘drone’ has become popular across the globe in the past few years. Holy Stone, a Chinese drone manufacturer has invented the latest drone toy named Holy Stone F181. The aim is to offer fun and experience for beginners and intermediate users.

Holy Stone F181 review

Holy F181 Quadcopter with camera

Most of the Quadcopter users have rated Holy Stone F181 as the best and quality bearer drone toy on the market. It consists of a 2-megapixel camera which has a recording capability of 720p resolution. You can easily capture aerial images of high quality.

This Quadcopter carries a 2GB memory card which has the ability to store all the captured images safely. The best feature of the Holy Stone F181 drone toy is its user-friendly transmitter. In a word, it has a smooth and reliable control along with a small and clear LCD screen.

The user-friendly transmitter has the power to control the Quadcopter’s Headless Security System, as well as the LCD has indicators for controlling all the features existing on the device.

The transmitter has four angle routes of 40mph, 60mph, 80mph and 100 mph. The video camera of this drone has four modes, each mode 360 degrees moving to the right, left, front or back. Additionally, you can get an access to 2 USB cables, 4 spare propellers and a 3.7 power guaranteed batteries along with Holy F181.


Holy Stone F181 is a low-cost Quadcopter available in the market today. It has a high-resolution camera of 1280*720 images along with a video of 30 frames. This Quadcopter can move about in the air for 7 to 10 minutes. It takes minimum 80 minutes to charge the battery of Holy Stone F181.

This Quadcopter drone toy is the best-rated device among the other Quadcopters available in the market.


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