Holy Stone HS170 Review

This is a manual revealing the instructions how to insert the battery binding the HS with a detailed overview of Holy Stone HS170 review. First, take a fully charged battery and pull the tape a bit. Then you have to insert it into the hollow cup motor making a successful connection. Next, the motor is placed in a forward direction with the transmitter placed in the same direction. Now, the buttons are controlled in up and down position and finally above controlling the motor accordingly.

Holy Stone HS170 review

To know more about this quadcopter watch the video which about the Holy Stone HS170 review

After this, you would come to know about the flight modes in the transmitter. There are total 3 flight modes, you would get one single beep for the first flight mode, make a short push on the throttle and you can hear two beeps for the second flight mode and finally a short push again on the throttle hearing 3 beeps for the third flight mode.

Next, you would know about the transmitter operations where you can get a switch to turn lights off and on. A long press would make the lights off and again a long press would make the lights on. Below this key there is another key and press it long the lights would beep. And the flip one a long press of the button would make the sounds flip executing in real time. You can explore 4 types of flips such as upward, downward, right and left. The flight operation is very easy and you can control the place in several directions. The orientation of Holy Stone HS 170 is another feature where the white and blue propellers remain front direction, the black propellers and the red light is in the back direction. Also, there is an option to control the trim balance.

Overall you can comprehend the facts of Holy Stone HS170 review helping you to control the system efficiently.


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