Meet The Drones – A Great Series Of Drone Infographics

We recently received a suggestion from Amanda, one of our readers, who read our 5 Expert Tips To Choose Your First Drone article.

Drone Flying Through TreesIt turns out that Best Buy has created a series of infographics to highlight the features of 8 drones that they carry. Each drone gets a short description and a video of it in action along with the infographic. We have to give Best Buy credit for making a useful, easy-to-read way to learn more about these drones.

The drones that are featured include:

Though we have not purchased a drone from Best Buy, we have purchased drone accessories (specifically some extra props for our DJI Phantom 3 Pro).

If you've been considering any of these drones, you can check out what Best Buy has to say about them (the videos are pretty cool).

Thanks for the tip Amanda!

Image Credit: Best Buy Meet the Drone page


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