Syma X11C Review – The #1 Selling Quadcopter on Amazon!

As of this writing, the Syma X11C is the number 1 top seller on Amazon in the quadcopters category. There's an excellent reason for this – actually, several excellent reasons. Find out why this is such a hot seller by reading our full Syma X11C review!

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Build Quality

This drone, like the other Syma quadcopter we've reviewed (x5SW review), is well-built, stable, durable, quick, nimble, and most of all fun. This drone may be on the small side, but, it is tough, powerful, and made up of sturdy parts – that is not to say you should make it a habit of crashing the drone!

However if a few accidents do occur while flying, your Quadcopter will more than likely survive. You should not have to replace this drone or any of its parts, but if need be, replacement motors, wings, and other parts are readily available and easy to install.

Battery Life

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This quad comes with a 3.7V 250mAh battery. The flight time for this battery has an average of 7 to 8 minutes (less when using the camera), even when the drone is flying fast and with frequent maneuvers. Several users choose to upgrade the 250mAh battery to a 380mAh, which gives the drone an extra 5 minutes of flight time on average. The drone comes with a USB charger that takes about one hour to fully charge.


This quad comes with a controller very similar in design to the XBOX 360, so it is perfect for gamers, and easy to learn for novices. The functions are fairly simple to learn: forward/backward, up/down, left/right turning, 360 degree movement, and sideways flight. The controllers are ideal for the beginner, but intermediate and more advanced pilots can still appreciate them. They are user friendly. The drone can also be powered on and off from the controller.


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The flight range for this drone is about 30 meters, and can go as high as 60 feet in the air. The transmitter power is fairly strong, but will start losing communication with the controller around 30 meters out, though at that range, it can be easy to lose orientation anyway.


The Syma X11C quadcopter is a great beginner and intermediate drone for a great price. Compared to other similar drones on the market, this quad is a great bargain. Other drones being sold at a similar price do not contain as many of the amazing features, are not as durable, or have as long of a flight time. This is one of the best and most affordable quads currently on the market. No wonder it is a top seller on Amazon!

Other Notes

The drone is light and compact which makes it great for both indoor and outdoor use. However, if it is windy or bad weather conditions outdoors, it could cause the drone to crash. The camera is fairly good, however it is a bit heavy for the drone and it does not shoot in high definition like some other drones on the market.

When all is said and done, this is an incredible beginner and intermediate drone, that is inexpensively priced. You are sure to have a blast piloting this lightning fast, nimble, and ridiculously fun drone with its user friendly controls. Have fun checking out the awesome video footage and photos you can take while in flight! This is the perfect quad to take you from a beginning pilot to an intermediate level!

Now that you've read our full Syma X11C review, click here to pick one up on Amazon if this sounds like the drone for you.


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