Syma X5SW Quadcopter with 6-axis Gyro stability and Android supportive

According to the video about Syma X5SW review, the Syma X5SW is the latest and the most advanced Quadcopter toy available in the market today at an affordable price. It is available in two color versions – black and white. Yes, this is true that it looks similar to the other drone toys of Syma such as X5SC and X5S, but there exist certain differences among all these products which make this drone better than the other Syma models.

Syma X5SW review

Watch the drone video to get a detailed Syma X5SW review

The outer cover of Syma X5SW consists of two QR codes, which you can install on any iOS or any smartphone that supports Android, and thus, you can download the user guide on your mobile phone. The product is basically designed for kids above 12 years of age. Hence, you should take certain precaution, in case the product is used by below 12 years old child, because the blades spinning at high speed can crash down in a rare situation. Such an uneventful crash can not only cause serious damages but also injuries to the kid.


Motor size – 8*20mm

Weight – 120g

Magnitude – 310*310*105mm

Diagonal motor distance – 8*20mm

Battery – 3.7V 500mAh

Control distance – nearly 50 m

Charging time – 40 to 45 minutes

FPV Video

The Syma X5SW can broadcast video through the help of Wifi. If you want to view the FPV video, you need to install the Syma FPV application on your smartphone. It might surprise you if you know that Android 4.0 do not support the Syma. After the installation, run the app and turn on the X5SW device. The camera takes approximately 30 seconds to set up the Wifi hotspot. The drone toy comes along with a phone holder which you can place on the top of the antenna of the transmitter. Due to this, it becomes easier for the pilot to view the FPV feed. The FV feature is useful in situations when you need to do certain things such as aligning and framing a shot.


Syma X5SW is affordable, and you can also get an access to many specifications along with this toy Quadcopter. It is a perfect toy to give as a gift to someone who has never flown a drone toy before. The light weight of the model makes it a bit difficult for the user to fly in high wind conditions.


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