7 Reasons Your Kid NEEDS A Drone

Are you tired of your child spending their days inside on the computer or playing video games for hours on end?

Do you want to get your child excited about a new hobby, or do you want to spend time with your child having fun with a new activity together?

Then consider buying a quadcopter for your kid! If you are concerned a drone may be too much a of a responsibility or made exclusively for adults, here are 7 reasons to get your kid a drone.

1. It will teach them responsibility.

One valuable reason you should get your kid a drone is it will teach them lessons in responsibility. Drones are fun and exciting, but some caution is necessary. With carelessness or disregard for others, drones can cause injury or damage to property (not so much the little ones, but the bigger the drone, the more damage it can cause).

So learning what is involved in responsible flying will instill a sense of awareness of others and cultivate safe flying habits.

Your child or teen will need to learn some of the laws and guidelines that go into drone flying; although it is recommended that parents chaperone and help children fly their drones, it is likely that at some point a child or teen may fly their drone without close supervision.

Because of this, it is imperative that children learn where it is lawful to fly their drones, and take pictures or capture videos. This is all part of drone pilot responsibility that your kids will learn and become experts on.

Drones also require special maintenance and care; getting your child a drone teaches them to pay attention to details and take care proper care of their possessions.

2. They will learn a new technology.

Technology Kids

Most drones can be customized and can be thought of as flying Lego© machines. Your child can learn to take them apart, exchange pieces, and add additional parts to change and alter their drone's flying abilities.

Unlike their predecessors, today's quadcopters are far more technologically advanced, and have parts like accelerometers, data sensors, and gyroscopes. Technology that is sure to excite your kids and broaden their interests.

3. Drones are going to be an important part of the future.

It is readily apparent that drones are going to play a huge part in our future. Several companies such as
Amazon have plans to use them to deliver orders, and someday soon this may be the norm for everyday deliveries such as pizza or Chinese food.

Furthermore, drones are going to play an even larger part in government jobs, especially within the military branches such as the Air Force and Navy, where drones are known as UAVs (Unmanned Ariel Vehicles).

Drones are also currently being used in a number of other industries. Fire departments are using drones to help monitor and fight forest fires or fire emergencies in difficult terrain.

Scientists are using them to study endangered or wild species in environments that are normally too difficult for humans to reach. There is no telling what the future can hold, it is an exciting time to get involved with drones!

4. It will prepare them for the future job market.


It may seem like it is a long way away, but it is never too early to start thinking about your child's future. Believe it or not, getting your child involved with a new hobby, such as quadcopter flying, can perhaps shape the rest of their life and the career path they choose. What types of job markets could possibly involve drones you wonder? Several:

  • The security and law enforcement industry has a huge need for drone pilots. Drones can replace security cameras and security guards, they can cover more ground, and they are cheaper to use than hiring a security staff.
  • Humanitarian efforts such as disaster relief, exploration, etc. Quadcopters essentially can go places humans cannot, which can be ideal for search and rescue missions and delivering relief to those in need.
  • Filmmaking, photography, and journalism industries have begun to be revolutionized because of the recent development in drone technology. In times of crisis, journalists can use drones to capture footage from all sorts of disaster areas from floods, riots, war zones, etc.
  • The agriculture industry is also being improved by drone technology. The Environmental Protection Agency is currently using quadcopters to monitor and manage livestock farms. Farmers are also using drones to monitor and maintain their crops. In the future farmers may use drones to spray for insects and diseases, analyze their farms soil patterns, and protecting crop health by checking for any signs of blight or drought.
  • Deliveries –  this goes without saying, but there will be several jobs in the delivery and fulfillment industry.
  • Drone piloting, maintenance, etc.: With all of the advancement in drone technology and the job sector booming, there are also going to be several drone related industry jobs such as maintenance, manufacturing, and even piloting.

Could you imagine your child or teen working for Lockheed or NASA someday, or some other big name corporation like Amazon or Google?

These innovative companies are using drones for all sorts of experiments and projects. NASA has been using drones to capture data within storms and hurricanes in recent years, and volcanologists have been using them to study volcanoes and volcanic terrain.

There is no telling what future opportunities will hold for drone pilots and enthusiasts. Buying your child a drone, is the first step they need to joining one of these industries. 

5. They can master new drone related hobbies.


Sure, flying drones can be an exciting new hobby in of itself, but there are several other hobbies that go along with drone flying, including: ariel photography, making movies, bird watching, astronomy, and many other fun activities.

6. It gets them out of the house.

Sunset Surfing – WindandSea Beach – La Jolla San Diego

Getting your child a quadcopter will get them up on their feet and moving around outside, no matter the weather! It will help them forget about Playstation or Facebook, at least for a while.

7. It creates bonding experiences.


Families do not spend enough time together nowadays. Conversations around the dinner table have been replaced by watching television and checking smartphones in between bites of food. A new and exhilarating hobby like drone flying, can get the entire family involved.

Your Kid Needs A Drone!


If you are still hesitant to get your child or teen a drone, then maybe this will help convince you: drones are currently more affordable than ever before! You can get an excellent starter drone for less than $50. Here are our current recommendations for new drone flyers:

Micro/Mini Drone (good for mostly indoor flying): UDI U27 (read our full UDI U27 review).

Mid-size Drone (for mostly outdoor flying): DBPOWER Hawkeye-II (read our full Hawkeye-II review).

Also, check out our guide on selecting a drone: 5 Expert Tips On How To Choose Your First Drone.

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