The Ultimate Drone Toolbox – Everything Needed to Keep Your Drone In the Air

How I used to go out to fly a drone: I'd stuff my pockets with spare batteries, spare propellers, electrical tape, various attachments, cell phone, memory card… and more. Then I'd waddle outside, find a suitable place and proceed to unload my pockets on the ground.

How I go out to fly a drone now: I grab my Ultimate Drone Toolbox and head out!

What's in the toolbox you ask? Read on!


Realizing that my drone collection can be divided up into 3 categories (small, medium and large), I began looking for a set of toolboxes that could hold all my quadcopter stuff, keeping it safe, organized, and ready to grab when it was time to fly.

I found this set of toolboxes on Amazon, and so far they are working out perfectly. They are not the highest quality toolboxes (sometimes the latches take a little extra encouragement to close), but the price is right!

The smallest toolbox holds accessories and tools for my micro drones, such as the Cheerson CX-10 (read my Cheerson CX-10 Review). I can even fit the drone and remote in the toolbox, so it makes it super easy to transport my micro drones and keep them safe.

The medium box holds stuff for my mid-size drones, like my Syma X5SW(here's my Syma X5SW Review). It is not quite big enough to hold the remote, but it certainly fits everything else I need – so now I only grab 3 things: drone, remote and toolbox.

Finally, the big toolbox holds everything for my Cheerson CX-20 (review coming soon!). There seems to be a positive correlation between the size of the drone and the amount of accessories that go with it! Not only are the accessories larger (big battery packs, big spare blades, etc), but there is more stuff: gimbal attachments, camera accessories, etc.

So what exactly is in my drone toolboxes? So glad you asked!

Spare parts

  • battery packs
  • propellers
  • landing gear


  • extra AAA/AA batteries for remotes
  • portable charger/power bank
  • super glue
  • user manual
  • black marker
  • notebook (for logging flight notes/events)


  • screwdrivers
  • electrical tape
  • scissors/knife
  • duct tape


  • video camera (for filming flights and reviews)
  • camera attachments
  • extra memory cards
  • FPV accessories

And this isn't even an exhaustive list! All sorts of handy tools and accessories find their way into my drone toolboxes. But that is the point – now I have the room and the ability to bring all this stuff with me and not worry about trying to find something in my over-stuffed pockets or losing something on the way.

Do you guys use a similar system? What's in your drone toolbox? Let us know in the comments!

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