Want the Best Drone News? Follow These 3 Twitter Accounts!

If you're anything like us, you love reading up on the latest drone news. Here at Lemon Drone – we can't get enough! There are tons of news sites out there, and hundreds of twitter accounts dedicated to drones and quadcopters.

Unfortunately, a lot of it is just “noise” – unhelpful or uninteresting gibberish. When we want the latest scoop, we fire up Twitter and check out these 3 accounts…

Man operating a drone with remote controlDaily Drone News

These guys do a great job of hand picking the most relevant stuff to post. It is a good mix, a nice variety of articles and videos. Guaranteed you'll find some interesting reading here! Check out @DailyDroneNews

UAV Experts

You don't get a name like “UAV Experts” unless you know a thing or two about drones. These guys do! Although they have a great mix of posts, it does lean a bit more towards the business side of things. Which personally we like, just don't expect a bunch of posts featuring idiots crashing drones. Check out @TheUAVExperts


flying a droneThey have a blog… guess what it is about? If you are looking for up to the minute news and a huge variety of posts, these guys have you covered! We have to give them credit, their coverage is exhaustive! If something is happening in the world of drones, these guys make sure you know about it! Check out @Droneblog.com

Did we miss any of your favorites? Let us know who you follow in the comments!

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