France Drone Video -Enjoy A Peaceful Sunrise Over A Vineyard

The video here is captured over the skies of a vineyard in Verzenay, France. Entitled by ‘Brumes De Champagne’ or Champagne mists, this drone shot is one of the best collections of our Europe drone footage showing a peaceful sunrise over a vineyard.

The light mist over the vineyard makes a splendid view of nature’s true beauty.

The drone has captured some marvellous panoramic shots and some gradually elevated mist shots that offer a perfect view of a peaceful sunrise over a vineyard.

Sunrise can never be this better and it is the view of a lifetime. The windmill can never be placed so perfectly in a vineyard that is enough to make you spell bounded.

Sunrise over the vineyard and the mist, play the key role here to make this France drone video to be a must watch for people who name their selves as the explorers of the world. All of the shots are enough to create a true masterpiece for a nature video. It is like the almighty have settled everything here by his own.

You can practically taste the Champagne in this vineyard. Towering shots of grapes, a beautiful windmill, and the spectacular town of Verzenay and Verzy, near Rheims, France Thanks again Sylvain Dardenne!

The video concludes that nature is enough to make you forget about anything related to heaven. And if next time someone asks you about the heaven, I’m sure you will know already where exactly is to find that.

The video is the only way to make you feel about what have you missed around the world and if you need to have a practical experience then got to this vineyard in France. This is exactly how you have never been expected a vineyard to be.

Thanks to photographer Mr. Sylvain Dardenne to add this one of its kind video in our collection.


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