Ireland Drone Video That Makes You Want To Travel Immediately

Proinsias Carr shares with us the best of his drone footage from 2015 in this showreel that makes good on the slogan that Donegal chose: “Up here it’s different.” The rugged beauty of county Donegal is, in a word, majestic: from the rugged coasts of Northwestern Ireland, to gentle rolling hills; from lighthouses to idyllic country villages; and from farmland to streams snaking through autumn woods,

This video is full of amazing aerial footage of the Wild Atlantic Way, a popular route along Ireland’s northwest coast. This drone video is a delicious feast for the eyes.

By using both aerial footage and land-based video, Proinsias showcases the beauty of nature with beautiful aerial footage of Donegal, Ireland, and adds an artist’s touch by featuring the Loinnir sculpture trail. You’ll see people at work as the fishermen and farmers work land that has been in their families for generations. There are even some glimpses of windsurfing as adventurers take advantage of the warm Donegal summers.

You’ll be disappointed when it ends. This video leaves you wanting more. And if you’re not careful, you’ll book a flight and go experience Northwestern Ireland for yourself.

Videographer: Proinsias Car
Music: Hollywood by Nik Ammar & Marla Altschule


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