The 3 Drone Commandments – Lesson 2.4

The 3 Drone Commandments we live by:

  1. Safety
  2. Privacy
  3. Respect

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The past videos have been about drones and the law. This video is more about three drone commandments that may not be part of the law, but that I live by, and I like to teach others to live by as well. Flying these devices is real fun, but if we use them irresponsibly, we may all loss the right to own them completely. The three drone commandments are — safety, privacy and respect.

First — safety. The blades on most drones are quite sharp and they spin at a very high RPM. In fact, they can do serious injury if they come in contact with somebody while they’re spinning. There was a recent case in which an 18-month old boy was left blind in one eye after a family friend who was an inexperienced drone flyer clipped a tree and crashed his drone into the boy’s face. One of the plates cut his eye clean in half, and the eye had to be removed. Now, nothing is worth that. I now refuse to fly near or above people or children, and I urge you to make the same decision. It’s just not worth it.

Privacy is the second drone commandment. Again, here the rules are changing quickly, and the laws are still being developed.

But my suggestion is to always try and keep other people’s privacy in mind. Many people don’t have any experience with drones. They don’t have an idea of what the actually image capturing capabilities are, and people fear what they don’t understand.

So, it’s becoming more and more common to hear stories of drone operators being accused of spying, or being a peeping Tom. And while you may be well within your rights to film or take pictures from the sky in a public place, I think it’s important to the future of the sport to try and be respectful of people’s privacy. Take for example this case of a young man that was flying at a beach.

Woman: He’s taking pictures of the people on the beach with a helicopter plane. Yeah, can you guys hurry? I already talked to them, just come.

Man: He was assaulted by a woman who thought he was being a peeping Tom. The police ended up clearing him and actually arresting her for assaulting a minor as he had done nothing illegal. But the point remains that the whole situation could have been avoided had he been just a little more careful and mindful about where he was flying.

The third drone commandment is respect. This commandment goes hand-in-hand with the first two commandments, but there are some times and locations where it just wouldn’t be respectful to other people to fly your drone.

Drones make quite a bit of noise, and they instantly attract attention. And so, it can be rude and annoying to fly in certain situations.

Here’s a few that come to mind: over a graveyard during a burial, at a state park where people are trying to enjoy the quiet, at a resort where people are trying to relax, over golfers at a golf course.

As drones become more and more common, operators will have to learn to respect others by not flying during certain situations where the number of places that don’t ban flying will be few and far between.

For the sake of the sport please learn to follow the three drone commandments — safety, privacy and respect.

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