Drone Accessories – Lesson 9.2

In this lesson, you will learn a few great accessories for drones.  Accessories mentioned in this lesson are:

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In this video I want to show you a few of the accessories that I like to use with my drones. This is a camera cover that I like to use with my Phantom 3. The camera cover helps protect the camera and helps keep it secure during transport. You can get this on Amazon.

I also have this dual cable that I got from Amazon that splits the USB into both a iOS connector and a Android connector so you can use this with either Android or iOS device.

This piece is also third-party. It's a camera guard that attaches to the bottom of the Phantom 3. This just helps if you have a rough landing. Helps protect the camera so that nothing comes up and hits the camera.

This ND filter actually ships with the Inspire 1 but it helps to reduce glare and reduce the amount of light that's coming into the camera if you're shooting in an environment where you have too much light. You can also buy other ND filters for both the Phantom line, and the Inspire 1 line, and also for GoPro cameras.

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