Your Drone Setup – Lesson 3.0

Mark overviews Module 3 which covers:

  • Types of drones
  • Choosing a drone
  • Parts of a drone

We highly recommend the company DJI for drones and aerial photography.

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In this section, we're going to be covering some of the available consumer drones that are available in the market today, and the goal here is to give you an overview, so that you can have a starting point in doing your own research before you buy your first drone.

The recommendations I make in this section are based on my own experience and research. You'll find that I heavily recommend the company DJI, especially for aerial video and photography, but it's important to note that I have no affiliation with that company.

In other words, I only recommend what I have found to work best for me, and I'm not getting paid to recommend them or any of the other equipment vendors that we'll cover in this course.

So with that, inside this section, we will cover first, the different types of drones, second, choosing a drone, and third, parts of a drone. 

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