Drone Video Settings – Lesson 5.2

In this lesson you will learn how to capture video footage with your drone.  You will learn which video format to shoot in, resolution, frame rate, exposure and ISO.

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Much like photo settings, video settings depend on the camera that you're using with your drone. Most common cameras shoot with at least HD quality now, that's 1080p and this is adequate for most productions. Many cameras including the Phantom, the Inspire 1 and the GoPro cameras also now shoot at 4K video, which is essentially four times the resolution of standard HD video.

My recommendation here is to set your video resolution to the setting that makes more sense for the production and your editing capabilities. It takes significantly more hard drive space and more processing power to edit with 4K video than 1080p or 720p video.

If your production doesn't require 4K, you might consider shooting at a lower resolution to reduce the resources that it's gonna take to deal with that video. I do like to shoot in 4K most of the time but you have to keep in mind that it's a little slower to work with and it may be too slow to work with on our older computer.

As far as frame rate, I'd like to shoot at 24 frames per second most of the time. This frame rate will give you the closest look to cinema and it typically looks really nice.

If you're shooting faster moving objects like action sports, you may want to choose a faster frame rate such as 60 frames per second. And this will allow you to slow down the footage in editing for super slow motion. I also typically have exposure and ISO set at auto.

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