Editing Photos And Videos For Instagram – Lesson 7.2

In this lesson, you will learn the steps for launching and sharing footage to Instagram.

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Here are some tips for editing your drone photos and videos for Instagram. For photos I usually just follow my standard editing process that I use in Photoshop or Lightroom much like I explained in the previous section. Once I have the image looking the way I want, I will save it out to a JPEG and then put that file in a Dropbox folder on my desktop that I’ve named Instagram. Then use the Dropbox app on my phone, it’s going to automatically sync here because I’m logged into the same account. I can download the image to the library on my iPhone and then it’s just a matter of launching Instagram and selecting the image to share. I like to try the various filters that are built into Instagram, see if any of those improve how the image looks but often just continue without any filter.

I’ll then usually add some lux with the lux slider and some structure with the structure slider, I like both of those effects. Then next it’s time to add a caption, I like to keep the caption simple and include the location and anything interesting about the image.

After you add a caption it’s important to add keywords that can help people that are interested in drone imagery find your work. Here are some of the common drone hashtags that I like to add, hashtag drone so obvious one, hashtag DJI, DJI creator, Phantom, Inspire 1 or the name of the manufacturer of your drone, you could add that as a hashtag.

Dronestgram is one that’s pretty popular, aerial photography, aerial video, anything that relates to the image and aerial photography will help get your work on Instagram seen by more people.

Another tip is to follow other accounts on Instagram that you find interesting including those that are posting aerial imagery. If you participate in the community and like their photos and leave comments, you’ll find that those people will in turn like and follow and comment on your images. As far as video goes Instagram currently limits video length to 15 seconds.

When I post the video I like to edit together a 15 second best of clip with Final Cut Pro and add music and then post it to Instagram.

Here’s an example of that process, so here’s the short video project from section six. You’ll see that this is actually 18.08 eight seconds long, so it’s going to be too long for Instagram. Instagram requires a 15 second video so I’ll just reedit this video to fit within the 15 seconds. To do that I’m going to remove this transition and this transition and then I can shrink this clip down so that it fits within that.

Here we have the project at exactly 15 seconds, so I’ll just put the transitions back in. Actually on Instagram it’s better not to have dissolve in or out as the preview frame will be the first frame of the video and if its dissolving in that first frame will just be black. So I’m going to remove the transition from the front and end for Instagram. T

hen it’d be nice to add a little bit of music, so I’m going to add this track from Garrett Slight who is a friend of mine, this is called “On the road”. I’m just going to trim off, there’s a little bit of silence at the beginning of the track and I’m going to trim off and then play that back and see how it fits. So it works nicely, trim this and then fade out the music and that should do it.

So now we have a nice little track…now we have a nice little 15 second video perfect for Instagram.

I’m going to export that with the file share feature and share as a master file. When you export out of Final Cut Pro as a master file, the file is a pro res 422 file which can be fairly large and it’s really too big of a file to upload to Instagram. So what I’m going to do is use a free program called HandBrake to compress that file and make it perfect for sharing on Instagram.

I’m going to open up HandBrake and select that full res .mov file, you can see it’s 921 megabytes which is almost a gigabyte, pretty big, and then open that. Most the default settings for HandBrake work great. I’m just going to click the web optimized button, that’s going to compress it. It’s going to be an MP4 file, now I’m just going to check in the picture settings to see what resolution we are at.

This was 4k video, so you can see the 4k resolution here, I’m gonna change this down to 1920 and then close that. You just need to choose a location; I’m going to put in my Instagram Dropbox folder. This is the Instagram Dropbox folder that I use for transferring to my phone. So I’ll hit save and then it’s just a matter of starting that transcode. It’s going to compress down that almost one gigabyte file and that completes, we’ll see how large the final video is.

So that’s complete, if we go open up the Dropbox folder, Instagram, you can see the MP4 that it created here is now only 12.6 megabytes.

We can preview that and you can see that the quality is very acceptable and will look great on Instagram. That’s now on my Dropbox folder and I’m going to move over to the phone. On my phone I can open the Dropbox app just like before, there’s the video, the Swan Valley.mp4 that I made and put in the Dropbox before.

I’m going to just download this to the phone’s photo library, save video. Once that’s saved I can open up Instagram and browse my phone’s image folder and there is the video, you can make the video full size or crop off the edges. I like it to be full sized and then you hit next, you can apply filters to videos here as well, I usually don’t but that is an option if you want.

Again I’m just going to put in a simple caption and then I’ll add some hashtags, hashtag aerial photography, hashtag aerial, and so that’s all there is to it. You go ahead and share the video, that’s going to take a little bit to upload and that’s it. That’s a look at editing photos and videos for Instagram. Hope you enjoyed this lesson, we’ll see you in the next video.

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