Flight Modes – Lesson 4.6

In this lesson you will learn about Flight Modes such as:

  • Follow me
  • Course lock
  • Waypoints
  • Home lock
  • Point of interest

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Some modern drones have programmable flight modes for executing certain movements in an automated or semi-automated way. Both the DJI Phantom as well as the solo from 3D Robotics have similar flight modes.

First step we have follow me mode which is just like it sounds. The drone will fold position of your connected mobile device at a preset altitude and distance. By activating course lock, the controls will be set to relative to aircraft's current path.

No matter what orientation the drone was in, when you activate this mode the direction airplane is flying will become the front. Waypoint mode allows you to set waypoints on the map and then have the drone follow the path that you programmed stopping at each waypoint.

Home lock mode fixes your controls relative to the location that you took off from. In this mode, pulling down on the pitch control should always bring the aircraft back towards you no matter which way the nose of the aircraft is facing.

The point of interest mode allows you to command an aircraft to orbit an object or landmark and keep the camera aimed at that point. While these modes can be fun to play with and sometimes useful, I found out that it's often faster and easier to just manually control the aircraft to get the shot that you want.

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