Getting The Most Out Of The Course – Lesson 1.1

In this lesson, Mark underlines the importance of using drones legally and safely.

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You know drones have been a big hobby of mine and are fast becoming a big part of what I do professionally.

We'll get into that later on in the course, but I wanted to make a point, that drones can be a very fun, and very useful tool especially when we take time to learn how to use them correctly and follow the rules so that we can stay legal and safe.

To get the most from this course, I encourage you to listen to each of the lessons but especially pay attention to the lessons on safety and legal information.

The laws are changing fast but if you follow the common sense advice in this course, you'll not only avoid getting into legal trouble, but you also avoid causing harm or injury to yourself or other people as you fly.

So please listen to each of these sections, feel free to take some notes, be sure to download any of the supplementing materials, and we'll see you in the next lesson.

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