Music Selection – Lesson 6.4

In this lesson you will learn how hi-quality sound and music compliment footage.  Check out these stock music providers:

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Instructor: With video being a visual media, people always seem to dismiss the importance of high quality sound and music. The right music will support your footage and the story that you're trying to tell with that footage. Watch this short instructional video first without music.

Man: Hi girls.

Woman: Okay, you're gonna laugh at me, then I'm going up. Okay you can take…

Instructor: And now with music. You can see the music is about 90% of what makes this sequence exciting. Take a look at how this music compliments the subject and the style of this footage. Once you have an idea for the type of music you need to go with your video, it's time start looking for piece of music to use. If your video is a professional production, you really should use stock music that you can obtain a license to use legally. Here's a list of some of my favorite music providers, Audio Jungle, The Music Bed, Premium Beat, and Video Helper. All of these websites allow you to download a preview version of a track that you can put in to your timeline and see how it fits to your footage. You can even edit to a piece of music and then when you're sure that is gonna work in your project, you can purchase the full version and replace it inside your timeline.

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