No Fly Zones – Lesson 2.2

In this lesson, you will learn where NOT to fly drones.

Visit for a map of no-fly zones. *NOTE: This service has been absorbed by the FAA and rolled into the B4UFly App which is what you will see when you click on the MapBox link.

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In this quick video, I’m gonna cover no-fly zones or locations you shouldn’t fly based on US law. There may be other no-fly zones in other countries as well but again I live in the United States and I will be showing you the no-fly zones and how to find them in the United States.

So there’s a great resource, this website that is called Map Box, and somebody has created a custom map for no-fly zones for drones and the URL is and on here we can see that there are maintaining a database of no-fly zones in the United States.

So we have major airports listed, US military bases, the national parks, they’ve currently banned all drone flights within the US national parks.

And then TFRs, TFR stands for Temporary Flight Restrictions and this would be for sporting events or some other event or location that has a temporary flight restriction meaning that you can’t fly there at that time.

It’s a great idea to fly with this map if you are flying in a new place and you’re not sure if there is a restriction there or not. Or it’s a great resource to consult just to see what might in your local area and what areas to avoid.

We can see here, we can zoom in on the map and this red right here is Yellowstone National Park, so it’s a national park and Teton National Park is right below it and of course those are no-fly zones, and so it’s outlined in red. And then over here in Niagara Falls there is a regional airport so there is a 5 mile radius that you should avoid flying in.

And then we can see out west there is the Idaho Falls Nuclear Training Center. Again not a great place to fly.

So you can see real quickly here, zooming into the area that you live, what areas might be restricted for no-fly zones.

I encourage you to check out this resource, see if there’s are any no-fly zones where you live or where you want to be flying and we’ll see you in the next lesson.


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