Other Drone Options – Lesson 9.3

In this lesson, you will learn more about two other drones that are available besides the ones mentioned previously.  The 2 drones you will learn about are:

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I wanted to use this video to show you some of the other drone options that are available on the market, besides the ones from DJI and 3D Robotics that I've already mentioned.

There are two new drones that are called the Typhoon H and the Typhoon 4K, from a company called Yuneec. These two models seem fairly comparable to the other drones we've already talked about, with video down link and built-in monitors, GPS and high-quality video capabilities. There's a great breakdown of the advantages of these drones over on the Improve Photography blog, I'll link to that article in the beside this lesson.

Other drone offering that I'd like to mention here is the BeBop drone from Parrot. This is on the cheaper end of the scale, at around $400 currently, and the BeBop lacks a gimbal, but it boasts of a three axis internal stabilization system, that results in smoother footage. The compact size and the price make this a drone worth looking at.

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