The Parts Of A Drone – Lesson 3.3

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In this video we will discuss the various parts of a drone. As far as getting good aerial photos and videos are concerned, the most important part of the drone is not necessarily the camera, but it's a thing called the gimbal.

Now, a gimbal is made up of small motors that use a gyroscope sensor to keep the camera level with the ground. And this makes for very smooth, usable footage.

You'll notice the body of the aircraft can move quite dramatically, and the camera stays relatively motionless, and this is thanks to that gimbal. You can have the best camera in the world, but if you can't keep it stabilized, you'll end up with the worst footage.

So next, of course, we have the camera. On most DJI drones the camera is included, and it's optimized for aerial image taking. Of course we have motors and props.

These are essential for getting up off the ground. And for stability, the props on a multi-rotor always spin in the opposite direction of the props next to them. Many drones will have an electronic compass that assists with navigation and advanced features like return to home.

On the Phantom 3 here, there are also antenna for the video down-link system and the control link. Without getting too technical, inside most drones there will also be a flight controller that does the work of keeping the aircraft level, and translating your control stick inputs into the correct movements by varying the speed of the motors.

There will also be electronic speed controllers for each of the motors that help the flight controller control the speed and acceleration of each motor.

So there's a quick look at some of the parts that make up most consumer drones. In the next section, we're gonna get you started with flight training. 

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