Using A Drone Simulator – Flight School – Lesson 4.1

Simulators are a risk-free way of getting to know how the controls work.  Two simulators discussed in this lesson are:

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There’s some obvious advantages to learning how to fly a drone with a simulator first. It’s a risk free way of getting a feel for how the controls work, before you fly a real drone, and there are several simulators available both for free and for paid.

And we’ll take a look at a couple of them inside this video. The first one is a real flight drone flight simulator.

This simulator costs about $109 for the desktop version but that version comes with a actual hardware controller that simulates the standard four channel transmitter.

And this is great because it lets you practice with the controls that are gonna be very similar to what you’re gonna use in real life and a real drone.

There’s also a real flight mobile option for mobile devices. This app is free to download, but there is a $2.99 in app purchase to download the drone model.

You use the onscreen controls to approximate the standard stick controls and while this is not as great as using an actual controller, it should so give you a pretty good idea of how the controls work. If you already have a drone from DJI, you can use the flight simulator that is built into the DJI Go app. 

The simulator is found by tapping the little hat icon from the home screen. To use this simulator your mobile device must be connected to the transmitter and both the transmitter and the drone must be powered on.

In simulator mode, the motors should be locked down but it’s a smart idea to remove the props while using the simulator just in case.

This simulator allows you to use your DJI transmitter to control the simulator with the models specific to the drone that you own. Simulators are great for getting a basic understanding of the controls, with a little bit of practice, the controls will become second nature.

Once you have a simulator, the number one exercise I urge you to practice is to fly the drone out away from you and then practice turning the drone around and flying it back towards you.

You’ll notice as you turn the drone around, the controls will become reversed from your perspective. This is typically the hardest thing for new pilots to master.

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