Using A Practice Drone – Lesson 4.2

Don't risk using an expensive drone for learning how to fly.  We recommend using a quadcopter with 4 channels.  Remember, the controls will seem reversed!

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Simulators are a great way to get familiar with the basic controls of a drone. Once you've had a go with the simulator, it's time to try your hand at flying an actual real drone.

The latest drones are really quite stable and relatively easy to fly, but if you don't have any experience, you can quickly get disoriented and cause a crash. For this reason, I recommend starting out on a cheap practice drone.

It's much better to crash a $50 practice drone than something costing a few thousand dollars. Also, practicing without fear of destroying something expensive allows you to relax and build up the muscle memory that will come in handy when you are trying to fly a more expensive model in a more challenging circumstance.

There are a ton of cheap options out there, and it really doesn't matter too much which practice drone you get as long as you get one that has at least four channels.

A quadcopter with four channels will have the same control setup as almost any of the the larger drones on the market. Once you have your practice drone, practice the same maneuver that I told you about in a previous lesson, that is to fly the drone out away from yourself, turn around, and then practice flying it back toward yourself.

Remember that the controls will seem reversed. With enough practice though, this will become second nature, and you will feel more comfortable flying a more expensive aircraft.

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