Iture, The Estuary

User post from Michael Kunke: This is the first in my videotry (video + poetry) series. Iture is a community in Elmina. According to the locals the name Iture is from the word estuary. The locals could not pronounce the word estuary and over time it has come to be known as Iture. It is the point where three rivers merge to enter the Atlantic Ocean.

The rivers are Kakum, Nkontro and the Sweet River. The mangrove and swampy nature of the place has become the home of a number of birds and aquatic life. It serves as a source of fishing ground for the locals.

The road and bridge spanning across the estuary is an international road that connects Nigeria, Benin, Togo and Ghana to Cote D' Ivoire. The area is a hot bed of life and opposing forces.

From the three rivers pushing against each other to become one to flow into the ocean during low tide and the ocean pushing the river back during high tide to the cars racing past each other in opposite directions. Also the contrast of the old against the new, the old bridge dating back to colonial days which cuts through the heart of the swamp to the new bridge.


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