New Zealand Drone Video Captures Sunrise

New Zealand is the country that receives the Sun’s rays first in the world. Technically, it is the first major time zone of the world. It is perhaps also the best place in the world to view a sunrise. New Zealand is famous for its scenic landscapes and spellbound natural reserves. This video gives an allure why a global franchise like Lord of Rings selected this place. Simple reason: It’s just breathtakingly beautiful when you see this high-quality done video footage hovering on the water body in Whangapoua, New Zealand.

sunrise in new zealand

This sunrise New Zealand drone video is outrageously well-timed and can never get better than this.

The drone slowly brings in the picture of the lake which is gallantly shining with the early dawn break. One can literally feel the fresh vibes emerging out of the hinterlands. This tiny hilly region of Whangapoua is traveler’s delight and this New Zealand Drone video clearly elucidates why. Far from the hustle bustle of urban areas, Whangapoua is the perfect destination for a break. This amazing drone video shows why it is the first choice weekend holiday for Aucklanders which is over few hundred miles from Auckland.

It's no wonder they shoot so many movies here. This New Zealand drone video captures a bit of the magic the 2 island country has going for it.

There is virtually no limit to how beautiful this place is.

New Zealand has it all – rugged glaciers, high peaks and rolling plains. The Flying Kiwi captures it all in this sweet aerial tour of the country.

A must watch – whether you've been there before or not, you've never seen it from this angle!

The drone flawlessly catches every single frame while flying over the mountains, sea, valleys, woods and streams. This is New Zealand’s beauty at its best — so real, so pure, so untouched. And top of that is the breathtaking sunrise that is being seen. It just transports one’s existence to some dreamlike land. This is the dawn’s early light, and thus it is symbolic of every rise in the world.

The glaciers, the plains, the countryside, and the fields everything is just amazing. It’s really a land to wonder. This video has just given a tiny glimpse of what actual New Zealand has to offer. Bet on that, Whangapoa cannot be presented more beautifully than this.


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