This Ancient Sedona Drone Flight Is Mesmerizing

Beauty is a purely relative team. What may be a heartbeat of one of the person may not do the trick for another. Amongst all this the purity, serenity and calmness of nature often provide a sense of absolutism in this chaotic nature of our mind. As truthful as it sounds we are all somewhat left perplexed and mesmerized by the beauty of nature. Technology has always made things easier for us over decades and has helped us to experience this nature with a whole new perspective. This is where this upcoming drone technology steps in and takes the aerial photography to a whole new level. Sedona, Arizona has been the ideal tourist attraction over years for the great Canyon and the sheer beauty they capture us with.

Ancient Sedona Drone Flight

This ancient Sedona Drone footage is the perfect example of what technology, when applied in the right direction, can do.

The close view of the chapel of holy Cross is one of the best scenes captured in this mesmerizing drone video and the way drone zooms out in the air exposing the whole rock mountain range is meant to bring a sense of wholeness in you. A pleasing smile and a calm feeling, this drone technology is here to stay.

Charlie Kaye shoots an amazing flyover of Sedona, Arizona. The hot air balloon footage is absolutely incredible! A must watch. Thank you, Charlie, for such great work!

The short video showcases just a glimpse of what the beautiful state of Sedona, Arizona is capable of being. The monstrous hot air balloons suspended mid-air gave everything the divine sense of completion. This drone video takes you through a 2-minute ride into the perks of nature, something you will never want to miss. This shows the impact of this upcoming and fast-spreading technology and influence it is almost certain to have in near future. All of this is just a scratch on the surface of the great potential this drone technology possess with which it can turn the whole tourism and photography industry on its head. This is surely a welcome and pleasing change in the coming future.


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