Big Sur Quadcopter Video in 4K – Shot on Phantom 3 Professional

Big Sur, which is located along the coast of California, has all the spectacular cliffs and beautiful beaches you would expect from a California coast town.

But because of the natural layout, Big Sur is difficult to explore if you’re not an avid hiker or camper. Luckily for you, this drone footage takes you to levels even the most adventurous outdoorsmen couldn’t reach.

Not many people call Big Sur, California, home, but that doesn’t stop it from being one of the most breathtaking views you will find in the state of California. Located along the coast in the middle of the state, Big Sur is in the center of Los Angeles and San Francisco – making it a perfect drive through destination on a West Coast road trip and the most popular way to explore the are firsthand.

But even so, driving through the town of Big Sur doesn’t come close to experiencing the twists, turns, and drops in this drone video. There is no other way that you would be able to see some of the dramatic areas where sea and land collide or get as close to the action as this drone can take you.

For the adventurers at heart that may not have the dedication to go hiking around the town of Big Sur, this video can take you there and give you all the experiences – and then some – that you would get from visiting Big Sur on your own.


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