Drone Captures Incredible Christmas Lights Display – WATCH


If you thought your home had a good Christmas lights display, think again.

This Virginia drone owner took his drone to sky to make sure his home insurance policy was getting it's full use – no need to call the lawyers in for this one 🙂

As he flies higher and higher, you'll see the incredible view of all the other suburban homes and home owners looking over.

Drones have become increasingly popular with home owners, especially in the suburban areas where there is plenty of space to fly your drone.

This has added some new concern with home insurance policies because drones could fall down and hit a house, causing damage and requiring a lawyer to step in. While the insurance debate is still being questioned, it's an important conversation.

In the meantime, you REALLY want to check this out and get in the holiday spirit! Watch this drone flight and make sure you check your insurance policy if you ever see someone flying over your own neighborhood.

You can see from this flight that all the homes are very close to each other and could suffer the same fate if they're not careful. While the christmas lights look great from above, if something goes wrong it could spell disaster for a home owner insurance policy. Making sure you are protected for the new year is important. Drone owners are going to be everywhere after this holiday season!





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