Drone Video Flying Through Patagonia

A beautiful journey through Patagonia, located at the southern end of Chile in South America.

Being an avid hiker in California, I've always wanted to step it up a notch and hit the snowy mountains and grasslands of Patagonia.  Quite possibly the most insane place in the world!  One thing I've been doing to prepare is checking out drone video viral clips of insane hikes, and this one takes the cake!

Iceberg flybys, lakes, deserts, dunes, ruins, rainforests, giant waterfalls… I can't believe all this beauty can be found in one place! Oh, did I mention llamas?  Yeah, they're in abundance!

The music by M83 ‘Outro' gets me fired up whenever I hear it, and this drone video viral footage adds even more adrenaline!

This clip is a masterpiece and shows exactly how magnificent the world really is. I'm packing my drone and headed to Patagonia!  Thanks Tom Montefiore and Adam Humphrey!


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